How To Clear Negative Energy

How To Clear Negative Energy Energies can affect the way we lead our lives and sometimes we are totally oblivious to its negative impact. Negative situations with either yourself or others around you at home or work leave an negative imprint. You may become drained and tired and feel it's almost impossible to begin again. So when you think you need to make a fresh start or feel weighed down by negativity in any way, do the following: 1. Burn Incense Sticks Or Essential Oils When you need to feel absolutely comfortable and let go light an incense stick or essential oil of your choice. The aroma must not be too strong and should have a calming effect on you. Within minutes you will breathe in the incense and feel you whole body relax. 2. Meditation For The Mind We tend to hold stress in our posture, unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, lower back, arms hands and fingers then work down your torso thighs, calves ankles and feet . Send the negative energy down to Earth and connect with the positive energy from Mother Earth. You may never let our mind rest. all the time over thinking things, analysing and trying to find a way through life can take a toll on your mental health. Let go of all the pent up energy, just empty your mind and take deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and exhale the negative energy in you and inhale the positive energy.on each breath lengthening each breath gradually till you expand and deflate your lungs fully. 3. Intentions And Intuition When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. However you need to ask the Universe to come into your soul and guide you. Saying aloud your deep desires sends out a sign that you are ready finally. You need to be insightful and think what’s good for you in the long run. It’s not difficult, just trust your intuition. 4. Sage Smudging You need to light a white sage stick as it has healing properties. Not only does it cleanse your aura but also gives you power. Now, move it all around your body letting the sacred smoke resonate with your soul. White sage is symbolic of purity and light, it will fill you with hope. This is a rejuvenating ritual that can cleanse the body, soul and also the space you live in. Smudging is a symbolic exercise common to feng shui practise, many native American traditions, and alternative healing practises. It involves burning selected herbs or other materials in a manner that fills the home or other space with the fragrance of the smoke and is thought to clear negative energy. 5. Music To Smooth Your Soul Whatever music, song, or sounds makes you feel relaxed , happy and blissful treat yourself. It is a vibration which you attune to it will allow your mind body and spirit to resonate with. 6. Clean Up Every time you get rid of clutter, dirt and dust, and straighten up and organize your belongings, you are restoring order. A clean, orderly space feels light and bright – lightness and brightness are very high-vibrating energies! Your home and workplace are not only concentrations of your energy, but they are reflections of your inner state. Clean up your mind with the right use of the word “but.” Every time you think or say a negative phrase, add “but” to the end and add a positive statement to neutralise it. 7. Soothing Light Natural light is always best , open all the windows, let it the light and fresh air into the space you want to relax in. Sun rays are powerful healers. If it is night time then make sure you have soothing lights, which do not disturb your eyes and mind, 8. Get Some Plants Plant therapy is a real thing. Having living plants around you can help to increase mood and add fresh energy to a space. By nature, plants help to purify the air around them, so think about what they can do for energy; they basically use it up and turn it into something good. 9. Crystal Clearing Tourmaline Crystals are believed to be great absorbents of bad energy. Put one on your windowsill and let it collect all of the negativity in your house or carry it with you in your pocket and envision all of the darkness around you dispersing and collecting in the crystal. 10. Burn Your Behaviours Write down all of the behaviours that aren't serving you on a piece of paper and carefully and safely burn the piece of paper. Scoop up the ashes when they're cool and put them in a jar or plastic baggy to dispose of. 11. Take A Soothing Bath Adding baking soda and soaking salts to your bath is a great way to neutralise the environment on you skin — literally. The soda and salt combination will reduce inflammation and help restore a healthy pH. These methods are also super helpful in neutralising yourself mentally. Take a soda and salt soak when you need to reset your vibe. 12. Acknowledge The Universe You need to be grateful for the things you already have because at some point it’s what you really wanted. Positivity doesn’t come all of a sudden, you need to practise it. Count your blessings and the Universe will bestow things you deserve.

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