Lightworkers Rekindle Your Light

Lightworkers Rekindle Your Light Often those people who are called to bring light to the world seem to experience “dark nights of the soul”. These dark nights seem exceptionally dark and hopeless–magnified by the contrast to their “light work”. It becomes a huge internal struggle and people feel totally unsupported and “out on a limb” by themselves. Unfortunately, these feelings seem to ignite a brush fire of fear, doubt, and mental mantras about “giving up, quitting, and getting and job”. Many of us are doing such unusual and “leading edge” work that we are pioneers so far ahead of the herd that it is often challenging to articulate our work. Under these conditions attracting people may feel almost impossible. If you find yourself contemplating giving up your path and your light work here are a few ideas to consider. Work You came to earth to do the work you do. Choosing work purely for money would be a certain “soul death”–so it is not really an option. Give up the torturous self threats and eliminate the imaginary “escape hatch” of a job. That’s not the choice you are going to make. There is no future for you on that path. Setting up this constant doubt robs you of forward momentum. Let it go. Accept your path wholeheartedly. Spiritual Practise Your daily spiritual practise, no matter what scary circumstances may present themselves, goes a long way toward keeping you in a calm and connected state. Connecting on a regular basis is key to maintaining focus on the work you are here to do. Keep Balanced and Centred When all around you lose their inner peace, maintaining your inner balance and centre (one point via your hara) is critical – both for your own sake and for the sake of the work you are here to do. If you remember to observe all that happens from the viewpoint of your Higher Self, you won’t feel dragged down emotionally. Manage Your FInances Take a look at any way you can temporarily alleviate the financial pressure.Can you focus on paying your bills above self gratification ? Maybe arrange for smaller increments for a while? Can you negotiate a change in payment schedule? Can you get an abeyance of some payments while you handle others? Be creative here and fearless about pursuing possibilities. Of course, the sooner you do this, the better. Waiting until the last minute is not likely to get the desired response. Become absolutely clear on exactly the amount of extra monthly income you intend to create. Many Lightworkers are absolutely incapable of coming up with and stating an exact figure. You can ask them a hundred times and they have a hundred different diversions to stating a number–and they can’t figure out why the money is not created! Without clarity on this number, there is no focus of effort and energy–and there can be no manifestations. Non Comparison Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Your work is different from what others do. These types of comparisons do nothing but deflate your own optimism. Recall, Reflect and Reground Go back in time and consider again why you chose the unique work you chose. You were certain and full of optimism when you first started.The rough and smooth of your path is all part of your learning experience to gain wisdom and knowledge; Reground yourself in that certainty. The Greater Good Remember too that you aren’t in this for yourself but for the greater good and to make a difference in the world. If we forget this for a while (and we all do), it contracts our energy. Maintaining focus on the positive difference you are here to make is expansive and can fairly easily take you beyond your doubts and renew your focus. You Are Not Alone Equally as important is to remember that you aren’t in this alone. During your darkest hours, this is the one that may be the hardest to believe and experience. –yet it is the one thing most likely to get you through the darkness. You have certainty (even amidst the doubt), that you came to earth to do this work. Isn’t it logical then that you and your work are in alignment with forces and energies greater than you? Isn’t it likely that you often receive consistent support, guidance and information from such sources? Never fail to appreciate that. Overcome The Victim Mode Be cautious of any need to cling to old outdated victim stances. Be sure that you aren’t allowing your old victim habit to prevail. We have that tendency to feel sorry for ourselves as our default mode. It does not serve you or your mission on this earth. It simply brings you to a standstil. Overcome the victim mode and move forward.

Rekindle Your Light

As Lightworkers we work with light. Everything is a vibration of light and sound. It is all emits from source and we are conduits of that light. Our subconscious and conscious thoughts and action reflect the light , we need to restablish our vibrational connection to source light and rekindle it within us. Light outshines the dark. Be the Light

Become A Pioneer Realise that as Lightworkers we are pioneers here on Mother Earth and there are challenges inherent in pioneering. So tell yourself :

"No, I can’t go back to the old ways–there is no life there for me–I must go forward. As I am ahead of the pack and leading the way"

"I am a Trailblazer and a Leader for the greater good of humankind"

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator .

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