A New Chakra System

A New Chakra System Humanity is currently progressing in its evolutionary process along the path of enlightenment and ascension, with new chakras activating alongside the previously well known chakras. With the opening of these chakras and Golden DNA Activation humans are increasingly becoming aware of their spiritual paths towards oneness, extra sensory perception abilities, healing and the essence of unconditional love.

Old, New And Minor Chakras Here is a list of old, new and minor chakras and associated colour frequency: Earth (Brown) Foot or Sole (new chakra) (Brandy) Ankle (minor chakra) Knee (minor chakra) Root (Ruby Red) Sacral (Orange) Spleen (minor chakra) Belly Button (Tangerine) (new chakra - merging Sacral and Solar Plexis) Solar Plexus (Yellow) Intercostal (minor chakra) Shoulder (minor chakra) Elbow (minor chakra) Hands (Golden) Diaphragm (Lime) (new chakra) Heart (Green) Universal Love (Magenta) (new chakra merging Heart and Root) Clavicular or Collarbone (minor chakra) High Heart or Thymus (Turquoise) (new chakra) Throat (Blue) Spiritual Communication (Silvery Blue) (new chakra merging Thymus and Throat) Nasal or Nose (minor chakra) (Navy Blue) Ear (minor chakra) Well Of Dreams or Zeal (Seafoam Green ) (new chakra) Pituitary (Sky Blue) (new chakra) Pineal or Third Eye (Indigo) Crown (Purple) Universal or Galactic Female (Shimmering Gold) (new Chakra) Universal or Galactic Male (Shimmering Gold) (new Chakra) The newer chakras just opening now since 2012 include the : Belly Button Chakra (Tangerine) As per its name this chakra is situated at your belly button or navel. It connects to group energy and collective needs, providing nourishment for the body and soul, governing physical digestion and nutrition, as well as playing a vital role in creativity. This chakra will take on the old roles of the Sacral chakra which governed human fertility and creativity and success in the arts. During this shift in energies, lasting through 2018, you may experience digestive discomfort and pressure just under the navel. Additionally, the duties of the Solar Plexus Chakra, where we define ourselves, and which is linked to self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem will be absorbed. The majority of fears from other lifetimes are stored in the physical body in this chakra, and during the shift, a lot of deep fears will be purged from the body. As such you might experience anxiety or fears you cannot explain. This process will be over for everyone by the end of 2018. Diaphragm Chakra (Lime) This chakra is regulated by your heart centre and located just above your navel between your solar plexus and heart in the area where your emotional memory system is currently located. At the moment your solar plexus is where negative energy is stored however with the development of your diaphragm charka your negative energy will soon be stored in this newly developed energy centre. As the energy centre develops and becomes more integrated into your current energy system, your diaphragm chakra will enable you to alleviate stress as well as empower “your WILL energy” that resides in your solar plexus. It is also here that your “rejuvenated prana” (breath energy) resides which revitalises and purifies your body. High Heart Or Thymus Chakra (Turquoise) This chakra is located just above the Heart Chakra and is the centre of Compassion. If you have been lately feeling more love and compassion towards others, a very soft feeling, it is thanks to the opening of this chakra allowing deeper, sacred feelings of love or brotherhood to flood your being. This specific chakra is located at your thymus gland (top of your sternum) where your body’s immune system is regulated. It is also referred to as the higher heart chakra and the centre for pure love and compassion. When you are born your thymus gland is about the same size as your heart (human baby heart) but due to Earth's present and climbing levels of background radiation the thymus soon starts to deteriorate and shrivel to the point of being the size of a pea by the time you reach adulthood which gives you an idea of just how challenged and weak your immune system has become. As your thymus chakra development and transformation progresses your immune system strengthens tremendously, your body becomes more and more pure thought form and healing yourself becomes more feasible and powerful as your body achieves the ability to easily and effectively transform any potential illness and disease. Spiritual Communication Chakra (Silvery Blue) This chakra started out about 18 inches above the head of your physical body, but over time has lowered and merged with throat chakras to sit in your throat. It is where the Higher Self communicates with spiritual realms. This new position means it is taking over the throat and lower throat chakras in the body, helping to bring your own truth into action, allowing you to speak and live it. As well as this, it aids the physical communication with other people. As this shift occurs you might notice you can’t hold yourself back from speaking your mind! Well Of Dreams Or Zeal Chakra (Seafoam Green) The "Well Of Dreams" also known as the "Zeal" chakra is connected to your subconscious, dreams and astral travel and inter-dimensional communication. It is located lower down in the back of the head just above your medulla oblongata which regulates psychic energies as well as the connection that your consciousness has to information from higher dimensions. . This chakra is currently not fully developed in mature adults in other words it is vestigial, however you may notice it through various symptoms including pressure, heat or buzzing. From a subtle perspective as part of the rhombencephalon (hindbrain or the ancient reptile brain) survival programming, repulsions, attractions, and instinctive reaction patterns are generated here. In the old “duality” reality, this programming served the purpose of keeping the ego-self safe from harm while competing and moving forward. When this chakra is inactive it reflects a dormant state of a limited conscious being. In the new “unity” reality survival programming is superseded by cooperative creation. This chakra ignites as your consciousness moves toward the new unity reality. Once it is functioning strongly and positively you can replace and overwrite your old nightmares with new dreams. Many persons with psychic abilities sometimes suffer with headaches in this area due to information overload. As this is also a psychic control centre (where others can be mentally controlled by those possessing expanded psychic abilities) it is very important to surround this area with great spiritual protection. This chakra is connected to the remembrance of dreams after you wake, or even what the dreams actually represent, but also remembrance of astral travel or where we go to whilst we sleep. We normally have no memory of our sleeping journeys taken via our astral body, which remains connected to the physical by a thin cord. However as this chakra becomes more developed, you may begin to remember more that makes sense to us of our nighttime dream travels rather than our fuzzy dreams you may currently recall. Pituitary Chakra (Sky Blue) This chakra is located in the area of the master endocrine gland, the pituitary gland near the center of your head. This centre brings in and stores the higher light frequencies. Your pituitary gland is a continuous biofeedback station between your brain and your body, conversing with your entire glandular system through the various hormones. The Pituitary Chakra can fine tune your whole physical and emotional well-being by transmuting conflicting energies from the hormonal stream, so it can flow with peace, freedom, refinement untouched by your habitual reactions. Once this chakra is fully activated evolutionary changes will start taking effect in your DNA and your entire body will be rejuvenated. Universal Or Galactic Female Chakra (Shimmering Gold) In the new chakra system you also have two additional etheric centres emerging. The universal (galactic) female is located about 6 inches above your crown and to the right and controls the left side and left hemisphere of the brain. It is the source of your desire for compassion and love for others and for yourself. Those traits considered feminine resides in this area. Universal Or Galactic Male Chakra (Shimmering Gold) The universal (galactic) male about 6 inches above your crown to the left and controls the right side and right hemisphere of the brain. It is the source of your desire for internal and external harmony. Those traits considered masculine resides in this area. Both these centres contain the “raw material” used to form your personality. and also influence the physical and mental changes that your brain/mind is experiencing.

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