What Is Karma?

What Is Karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to "action". In Hinduism and Buddhism, the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Here are ideas of what the essence of karma is all about. Karma Means Action Karma works on the modified Golden Rule: "What you have done in the past and are doing now to others will be done to you in the future". Karma Is Cause And Effect "As you sow, so shall you reap" and "What goes around comes around" helps you learn how to love. Karma Begins And Ends In Love Karma teaches you how to bring more love into any bad situation to create good karma. Karma Applies To Everyone Equally Knowing karma always creates justices, frees you from being angry, sad, hurt, or negative about anything. Karma Equals What You Agree To Deserve To transcend karma you need to agree to deserve more by resolving your life's issues to know more love. Karma Equals Focus Attitude And Attention You get what you agree to deserve through the focus of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Karma Is About Teaching To heal your karma, seek out the lessons you must learn and come into agreement with doing so. Karma Is About Learning The only true error is to fail to learn from your mistakes Karma Challenges You To Change Karma can be changed. It can always be transcended when you choose to bring more love in the situation. Karma Always Comes Due Over Time Whether it takes thousands of years or just a few hours to be realised, karma will be balanced. Karma Works On Intention What intention was deep inside your heart when you thought, spoke or acted is how karma judges you. Karma Leads To Dharma Karma is always leading you to your best destiny which is Dharma: a life of purpose and enlightenment.

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