Are We Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience?

Are We Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience? Some consider spirit as energy, of which we are all energy, vibrating at different frequencies. During quiet moments in our busy lives, we can reconnect with the belief that we are eternal souls or spirits. If we believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, the soul is considered as a piece of the Divine, where unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, happiness and harmony reside. Our spirit is here to experience this life and its lessons. The Natural World And The Spiritual World Co-Exist The natural world consists of everything you can see – houses, streets, the sky, people, etc. The spiritual world consists of realities that we cannot see, such as heaven, hell and the places and people in our imagination. Recognising Our Spiritual Identity In order to perceive anything one must have the awareness first. When we have the awareness of the existence of our spiritual identity at higher vibration frequency dimensional levels which encompasses our physical body on a third dimensional level or perception changes.

Looking Into The Mirror of Your Spirit Looking in the mirror and recognizing our spiritual identity is not something we habitually do. The physical world is forever reminding us that we’re having a human experience, with the five sensory organs that are telling us what we hear, see, feel, smell and taste. Our lack of knowledge about ourselves, in terms of who and what we are,. impedes us from seeing ourselves as spiritual beings adopting a human experience. Yet instead we do so vice versa, we see ourselves as having a human experience aiming to connect with our spiritual being.

Now try looking in the mirror see not the physical but your spiritual light being, Let go of the seeing from your eyes and brain but from your heart and third eye.

Ask yourself questions relating to your spiritual self and light being- What colours do you see?, is it light or dark? What is your vibration? Is it energetic, frantic or calm? Be imaginative as though you are looking, feeling and speaking to your higher self. Have fun!!!

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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