Becoming A Human Light Being

Becoming A Human Light Being We have been educated for eons that the human being is simply its physical human body. But we are so much more than this. The truth is in plain sight if you bother to educate yourself. To understand who we truly are, it is best to take it step by step visually with the mathematical and geometric use for answers of all life forms and the creation of all, known as Sacred Geometry. What is Sacred Geometry? In terms of Wikipedia it states " Sacred geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. It is associated with the belief that a god is the geometer of the world." There is much to discuss about Sacred Geometry, however, I will discuss this in detail in other articles. Steps Towards Understanding The True Nature And Structure Of The Human Being What I want to do here is take you step by step through the intricate structure of a human being and its consciousness as a Light Being.

1 ) The Sphere The human body is enclosed in a three dimensional protective circular sphere. which is toridial in nature, where the energy permeating from the heart, flows outwardly above and below, to the outreaches beyond the head and feet and circulating outwardly and around, as a sphere encompassing the human body. In two dimensional terms think of it as a circle surrounding the human body.

See Article: Visualize Your Protective Sphere This creates a three dimensional sphere, which can be compared to say a car, which your body travels in at all times, whilst alive in a third dimensional existence. When you pass over, the sphere separates from the now lifeless body and is free to travel through the other dimensions to source or wherever it consciously decides to go. This is why in all explanations of near death experiences, people see their body in the third dimensional existence below them and their consciousness (or sphere) is no longer attached to the body. Now what is the driving force of the sphere. In a car it is the engine, the physical construction, which inside ignites fuel to create combustion. Within the human consciousness sphere, the power source is at the source, i.e. the centre of the sphere, which ignites the light and expands outwardly. In physical terms this is represented by the inner heart. It is at this source, the centre connected to all the universe, which ignites the light and expands outwardly. In physical terms this is represented by the inner heart space, or heart chakra.

he Female Aspect (Circular) Visca Piscis As according to Sacred Geometry, the sphere (or circle in two dimensional terms) splits itself into 2 spheres (or 2 circles), known as the Visca Piscis. The Seed Of Life Then into 6 more attached spheres (or 6 circles) around and interconnected with the central sphere (or central circle), now being 7 interlocking spheres (or 7 circles), known as The Genesis Pattern or Seed Of Life. The Flower Of Life Then this structure expands to 6 more spheres (or 6 circles) totaling 13 spheres (or 13 circles), creating a larger sphere (or circle), known as The Flower Of Life. The circular forms are known as the feminine aspect of the whole form. The Male Aspect (Linear) The male aspect of the whole form is expressed in straight lines which interconnects the centres of each female aspected sphere. So the one line from centre A of the first sphere to the centre of B the second sphere, represents the Visca Piscis.

2) The Merkabah The lines connecting from the centre of the surrounding 6 spheres (or 6 circles), represents 2 interlocking triangles which make up a star (male aspect) two dimensionally and a three dimensional star, three dimensionally. So you have a star encased, with it's points touching the circumference, of the larger circle. which encases the middle and 6 outer interconnecting circles (female aspect). And in three dimensional terms, a three dimensional star, with it's points touching the circumference of the sphere. This is commonly known and diagrammatically symbolised, two dimensionally, as the Star of David. It is in fact, three dimensionally, the Merkabah Star. Which is an intrical inner part of the mechanism of the driving force of the sphere, just as is the engine of a car.

3) The Metatron Cube The lines connecting from the centre of the additional surrounding 6 spheres (or 6 circles) making up 13 spheres (or 13 circles), represents two interlocking triangles plus a square, which make up interconnected star and a square, two dimensionally and a three dimensional star and cube, three dimensionally. So you now have a star and a square (male aspect) encased, with it's points touching the circumference, of the larger circle. which encases the middle and 6 outer interconnecting circles (female aspect). And in three dimensional terms, a three dimensional star and cube, with their points touching the circumference of the sphere. This is commonly known as The Metatron Cube, which is again an intricate inner part of the mechanism of the driving force of the sphere, just as is the engine of a car. The Human Travelling Vehicle So what is the importance of this to us human beings. Basically our human body is encased in a sphere which also incorporates the Merkabah and Metatron Cube. In order to reach a higher level of consciousness we have to visualise, sense and connect with our Merkabah and Metatron Cube within our own sphere. It actually spins at certain speeds as well. So it is quite complex to visualise, sense and connect. Once you have mastered this, your whole experience of your immense capabilities, as a light being, or human travelling vehicle, astrally through the dimensions, rapidly change. Just as your understanding the basics of a vehicle, its engine and fuel systems, in order to drive it to wherever you want to go. So with this knowledge in mind, when we die physically, our body remains unalive on the third dimension. But our soul with its accumulated consciousness of its existence and built in knowledge, continues on within the casing of the light sphere as a vehicle into the higher dimensions. With its driving engine the Merkabah and Metatron Cube in tact and enclosed. What happens after that is contentious. As some believe we return to source, others that we exist on a higher dimension and others that we re-incarnate as an existing soul back into human form. These belief systems are too complicated to discuss here. What one must understand that across the universe, any conscious being has this at it's core. It simply grows expotentially, following the pattern explained above, infinitely inwards and outwardly. This method of growth applies to all conscious beings in the universe, whether plant, insect, animal, human, humanoid, extra terrestrial, and indeed planets, stars, galaxies as they are all conscious beings manifesting as such, and so on. The interlocking aspect of this is a matrix field. Which expands and contracts expotentially inwards and outwards. Just as with your car, you drive down specific roads which are mapped to your destination. Your light being generated sphere travels through the matrix grid, in which ever way you choose, to your destination. The difference is, it is the focus of your conscious attention, with the aid of your engine (the Merkabah and Metatron Cube encased in your sphere) which enables your soul / spirit / sphere, whatever you want to call it, to travel to the destination you wish anywhere in source / universe, virtually instantaneously or at the speed of light, which varies according to the third dimensional mass between them, i.e. planets, solar systems or galaxies etc. DNA Activation Our DNA is like the computing processor, or mechanics of the car you drive. So the more sophisticated your DNA structure, the faster it travels and works efficiently. In the much distant past, our human DNA was twelve stranded and very sophisticated, but through manipulation eons ago, it was dumbed down to a 2 strand DNA. Which is why we have a loss of memory and understanding of our capabilities. Over the last few decades through powerful cosmic power waves and more older wiser souls being born on mass on this planet, i.e blue ray, indigo and crystal souls, are rejuvenating our DNA activation back to its potential of the 12 strand DNA and codex within our Kundalini and Chakra systems. Which is why the world population has been awakening and moving forward in it's development so rapidly more recently. Ascension Process Now at this time and in the near future, as you may be aware, we are going through an ascension process, as is our Sun and its planetary systems including Earth, which are also conscious beings with the same sphere, Merkabah star and Metatron cube aspects. "As above So below". It is universally considered that humans on this planet are evolving , as Humanous Illuminous Beings, far faster than previously known, hence the huge interest universally, of other evolved beings, in our ascension process. So if you want to go through this ascension process it is paramount you understand and work with your light being sphere, Merkabah star and Metatron cube, visualising and connecting with it. As this will be your new car to travel inter-dimensionally in the future!! To learn more about this process you are welcome to apply and book for our Spiritual Development Course.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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