Group Consciousness

Group Consciousness It has been scientifically proven, via many different experiments, that when a significant number of people (namely the square root of 1% of a given population, whether assembled together physically or dispersed across the world), focus and meditate for peace in a localised area, statistics have shown that, in that localised area, crime and human abuse have dropped by up to 25% during that particular period of meditation. Meditation - Goal Resolution & Stress Management You know that old "saw" that we only use 10% of our brain... Well, meditation helps us use the other 90% fully, and it guides us in order to put it to a good and beneficial purposeful use. Intent is where it all starts. So come meditate with us for practical reasons. Tune up your Life - Up your Game - Mind Body Spirit balance. Live Life to the Full. Achieve your goals, get to your highest aspirations and be of service to you and yours as well as to your fellow humanity. Meditation Couses As Buddha said, his highest achievement was to find "wise and beneficial friends to meditate with". So we do too.Seeking wise and good friends to meditate with. Seeking friends who can support us in our Meditation practice. Friends who aspire to reach their highest purpose and create the community that all spiritual teachers seek.Namely we are looking for a group of beginning and advanced students, and adepts. In short, anyone interested in meditation, in belonging, in community, in happiness, in success, and is willing to learn, to motivate each other by coming, participating and becoming a regular part of this weekly meditation group.The practice and science of Meditation helps you function at the deepest levels of mind. Learn how to connect with your higher self through guided meditations.From simple meditation techniques to allow your mind to calm down, be the observer and allow yourself to explore your inner thoughts.To more guided meditations to connect with your guides and to connect with your own spirit, chakras, toral magnetic field, inner space of your heart, your merkaba and astral bodies. If you are interested in improving and learning a wide rangeof powerful meditation techniques please book our Spiritual Development Course.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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