My First ET CE5 Experience - Blackpool UK 2010

My First ET CE5 Experience - Blackpool UK 2010

I have had three ET contacts over a time. I will discuss my first for now back in 2010.

I was seeking out someone I had been advised, through a mediumship reading back in USA, to find the information I was looking for re esoteric and ancient spiritual knowledge, including UK, where I come from.

All I was given was Blackpool, which is a Northern British seaside resort. Hardly the place I was expecting to find more esoteric and ancient knowledge. But I stuck with my instincts of the correctness of my reading and travelled back to UK and north to Blackpool, which I had never been to before.

Blackpool had just won promotion to the English Football Premiership for the first time in it's history. There were many celebrating locals, merrily drunk and waving white and orange flags, the Blackpool FC colours.

I found a UFO conference in St Annes by the sea, near Blackpool, so it seemed a good way to start off my quest. I was a little disappointed with the information and talks, as they seemed very out of date and wasn't what I was looking for.

I asked around if there was anyone that might help me with my research. Someone, at a bookstall, suggested David Boyle and said he had been around handing out leaflets. I couldn't believe I had missed him.

The next day, as advised, I went to Blackpool promenade and the famous Blackpool Tower. Now this place is just filled with amusement arcades and fish and chip shops, hardly esoteric.

There were some Native Americans playing flute music, just like Peter Pan I instinctively followed them.

Then to my surprise there was a shop named "Alien Base" on the promenade. It had lots of kids toys, like Star Wars, Dr Who and Little Green Men. But as I looked deeper, I saw a bookshelf with some amazing books I had read before. Now this pricked up my ears. What were they doing here?

So I asked the kid, who was at the counter, "Who owns the shop?" and sure enough he said "David Boyle". I was on the right track finally!!

Eventually, David Boyle arrived and introduced himself. What was really weird was he really looked simliar to me!! That was a first!!

I explained to him what I was researching and my previous mentors which he knew, including Drunvalo Melckizedek. He said to me "Well you have arrived at your finishing school" and started to take me on a tour behind the shop.

I was absolutely astounded at what this man had created "A Museum Of The Universe". The information he was providing with detailed wax models, detailed diagrams, interactive videos, and screened films, you name it. It was mind blowing for me at the time.

Atter spending many hours with him, asking many questions, we finally arrived at the last section. It was a round table with one empty chair, whilst sitting in the other chairs, around the round table, were human form ETs.

This vision suddenly triggered a memory of dreams I had previously. The emotion took over me and I felt an overwhelming presence go through me and started to cry. He said "It's fine you've just had spirit and ETs run through you. The empty chair is for you to sit on at the table as a human representative on a Collective group of ET emissaries in the future."

Although that was way off the wall for me, it just seemed feasible, because of previous dreams etc.

In the end he said "Do you want a lift back to St Annes? It's on my way." Of course, I couldn't refuse, I had so much to ask this man. He then invited me to meet his wife and have dinner at his house.

After dinner, he said "Come with me to the back garden". By this time it was dark. The back gate led on to what seemed to be a wooded forest . With a torch, I followed him into the dark forest.

At some point he said "Stay here. I'll just go on a little further". Now I'm not used to be wandeing around forests in the dark, but somehow I felt safe.

He walked on for a while, then he stopped, put his arms out, as though greeting something from above. Muttering things I didn't understand.

Then the darkness seemed to lighten up and a mist appeared. The mist started to change shape and, bit by bit, I realised I was seeing faces and bodies, but not human, they were different ETs for sure all coming to greet him.

I was frozen on the spot. I can't remember how long it lasted for. They never looked me, but I knew they were aware of me standng nearby. There was a strange vibration through me and my hearing, but I couldn't understand it, as though they were telepathically communicating with me. I only wish I could have understood.

Eventually the mist slowly dissapeared and David walked back to me, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Just as a very British character he said "Lets go back and have a cup of tea".

I think I was so shell shocked, when we got back to his house, as I can't remember much later, other than being in a taxi, driving back to my hotel.

I've enclosed the only picture I can find of David now. I know he was forced to close his museum by the authorities a few years back.

I remembered asking him "Why Blackpool?". He answered " You need to shine the light where darkness is!".

I'll describe my other two ET CE 5 encounters later.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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