528 Hertz The Miracle Tone Love Frequency

528 Hertz The Miracle Tone Love Frequency

528 cycles per second is the core creative frequency of the Universe. 528 Hertz frequency has been determined to be the exact centre of the electro magnetic spectrum, where colour and sound overlap. Let's understand the importance of The Miracle Tone 528 Hertz frequency and another dissonant note on this planet, so you can become the person you were meant to be. It has been proven that people who have been exposed to The Miracle Tone , 528 Hertz frequency, improve their overall mental and physical health. This is one of the core frequencies of the Universe. There are nine core frequencies of the Universe and there are other frequencies which become disharmonious with the body.

The 528 Hertz Frequency

The 528 Hertz frequency is the core creative frequency of the Universe which resonates within DNA. Our DNA receptors pick up on the 528 Hertz frequency as our DNA is used to download information. The 528 Hertz frequency will help you become the person that you came here to be. It is the core frequency of nature and the core creative frequency of the Universe. When people are exposed to the 528 Hertz frequency, since it resonates with our DNA, they improve themselves.

The 741 Hertz Frequency

But there are other frequencies that create dissonance when mixed with the 528 Hertz frequency. In musicology, the 741 Hertz frequency is known as the Devil's Interval. When it is mixed with the 528 Hertz frequency, it causes dissonance and disease in the body. Mainstream music has been tuned to the 440 Hertz frequency, which is precisely the furthest from any of the core creator frequencies of the Universe. When music is played at the 440 Hertz frequency and the F# note is hit, it creates the 741 Hertz frequency, which causes dissonance within humans. This was done purposely to block you from connecting to your core self resonating at the 528 Hertz frequency.

Improve Your Health

The 528 Hertz frequency can be used to improve your health and help you to connect to your higher self, but the dissonance that is impeded on another note on this planet, the 741 Hertz frequency, disharmoniously causes disease within the body.

So the agendas of these frequencies, that are disharmonious with nature, we should be conscious of. The 440 Hertz frequency and the result when the 741 Hertz frequency is placed with the 528 Hertz frequency, which resonates from human DNA .

Resonate With Your DNA

We are out here to share the importance of "The Miracle Tone" of the 528 Hertz frequency which resonates within your DNA. DNA is used for light and sound transmission. This is how you connect yourself , the physical body, to your higher self. Like Nicola Tesla said "In the Universe there is a core, from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. There have been efforts to destruct this connection upon my people to this core. We should be conscious of these core frequencies that will improve your physical and mental health." This hidden knowledge will improve and benefit all of mankind. So let's use the 528 Hertz frequency to help improve our physical and mental well being, helping us to connect with our higher self and the core frequency of the Universe.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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