A 5D Global Reset

A 5D Global Reset

Our Planet Earth is going through a 5D Global Reset. Our everyday lives will be very different after we go through this 5D shift.

Nostalgia And Slowing Down And Reconnecting

This global reset has so far been rough for many people, however, there has been a positive aspect to it . As people have slowed down from their previous hectic lives and often reconnected with close family and friends in the process.

With the breaking down and collapsing of the mind control matrix in the summer of 2020, which had governed all our lives for so long over generations, we are now resetting ourselves into a new vibrational existence.

Family And Friends

This has created an opportunity and a great experience to slow down, reminiscing on old times, spending more time with the family, sitting down at the dinner table and resetting.

Having another chance to do things as in olden days, being nostalgic about times past, when some time ago, family and friends relationships were the norm. All these are proving to be invaluable for people to re experience again.

Some may have had the opportunity to talk about what is happening around the world and awaken each other to contemplate what is truly important in life and let go of the rush of the past.

Maybe you are awakening your parents on the journey as well. The fear which people and communities worldwide have been experiencing, not understanding what is going on, yet witnessing so many rapid changes enforced upon them, has hit hard on many people.

Yet with life around us slowing down so much, sharing a more positive family atmosphere of love, enables people to slow down themselves and reconnect with each other, contributing to taking the fear away from what has happened out in the world, more recently, which has affected and made so many people so fearful.

The Mind Control Matrix Collapsing

There has been a lot of negative mind control aspects to deal with in the last few months, a tribulation of the invisible enemy, which has controlled everyone into a state of fear.

It's negative effect on human brainwaves, speeding them up out of control and participating in things which they felt trapped in, yet feeling compelled to do so, without true reasoning or sanity, which were not of a heartful essence of enjoyment.

With the matrix collapsing, we are bringing back life as it used to be, such as enjoying a BBQ, going out for walks, and playing sports together. Simple things, yet providing an inner peace and reconnection of spirits, like a second chance to reset and enjoy life again, in more familiar ways as what may seem in the distant past.

Evolution Of Humankind

Be grateful that you are now free and not have the anxiety that partners are not awake to what is important in life, which is love and caring for each other.

Fear is false evidence which appears real, but it is fake and a negative illusion. We as light warriors are destroying that illusion. There is nothing to fear.

Evolution comes out of extreme pressures and has to reset itself. All we can do is create a positive pathway for and towards the 5D global reset and ascension process.

In the end we are going to evolve as individuals and as a whole worldwide community, into the 5D Earth. There will be a new norms, but it will be our new norms, an abundance for all people and experiencing bliss which has been taken from people. Not the norms which have been dictated to us by the controllers of the matrix in the past.

Every person, whatever class, colour or creed, has the right to freedom and is entitled to live their best in everyday life, which is what this global reset is all about.

We will look back at this particular time in the future and understand that this was the time of great change and major global reset.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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