A Guided Meditation to Activate Christ Consciousness

A Guided Meditation to Activate Christ Consciousness

I offer a guided meditation for all of you to assist in activating your Christ Consciousness frequency following the influx of Divine violet light which has recently immersed our planet. This has enabled all of us human beings to raise our consciousness and activate our twelve strand DNA solar light bodies and Christ Consciousness during our Planetary Reboot, which took place in October 2020.

We can now integrate new frequencies of Christ Consciousness through our newly opened Crown Chakra and Heart Flame. This is accomplished in the now, so your magnificent light is being woven in the current phase of the Divine Plan.

Guided Meditation

Breath in and out deeply and go within the divinity of your heart flame and invoke this guided meditation.

"I AM my I Am Presence and I Am One with the I Am Presence of all humanity.

What I invoke for myself, I invoke on behalf of every man, woman and child on Earth. In perfect alignment with each person's Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. This is possible because we are one and there is no separation.

On the Holy Breath, I now breathe in and out through my Heart Chakra, deeply and rhythmically. With every in breathe I align with the love of my Father Mother God and the sacred breath of the Holy Spirit.

With every out breath I open my Heart Chakra and project their divine love and power into the physical plane of Earth.

Through this activity of light the portal within my right brain hemisphere and my Heart Chakra, through which the love of my Mother God originally flowed to bless all life on Earth, is once again opening to its full breath.

As the full divine potential of my Mother God's pink flame of divine love pulsates through my Heart Chakra, it is brought into perfect balance with my Father God blue flame of divine power, which is also pulsating within the divinity of my heart.

My newly balanced heart flame has a dual pulsation.

The first pulsation is the in breath assimilating and absorbing the power and love of my Father Mother God.

The second pulsation is the out breath, expanding and radiating out the power and love of my Father Mother God.

My heart flame is the inward portal for my return to Christ Consciousness. It is also the open door which will allow me once again to communicate with my I Am Presence and the Company of Heaven.

It is through this open door that the blessings of my Father Mother God and the realms of illumined truth radiate outwardly into my daily life.

The holy breath of my return to Christ Consciousness and my journey back to my Father Mother God are now balanced within my outer service to humanity and all life.

It is within this balance that I open my Heart Chakra once again to the perpetual flow of my Mother God's transfiguring pink flame divine love.

My Father God's blue flame of power and my Mother God's pink flame of divine love are now balanced within my heart flame.

These two aspects of my Father Mother God now merge into the magnificent violet flame of God's infinite perfection.

This sacred fire now blazes up from my Heart Chakra and expands into my physical brain structure. Activating my pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centres at the base of my brain.

The activation of my spiritual brain centres create the sacred space for the opening of my Crown Chakra. As this occurs brand new frequencies of the yellow gold flame of Christ Consciousness flows from the very heart of God through my I Am Presence and my Crown Chakra into my pineal gland.

With this influx of light the highest frequencies of Christ Consciousness, that I am capable of integrating, now flow through my pineal gland into my heart flame.

As I experience higher levels of Christ Consciousness than I have ever known before, my heart and mind are being re calibrated to new frequencies of divine love, oneness and reverence for all life.

The illusion of separation and duality are being shattered and now I know that I Am One with all the sons and daughters of God evolving on Earth,

I truly comprehend that love is All That Is and that I am that love and so it is."

Please hold a sacred space for this powerful activity of light on behalf of the masses of humanity. Repeat as often as often you are inspired to do so. This is a multidimensional activity of light that is accomplishing far more than we are able to perceive with our finite minds.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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