A Time For A New Mindset

A Time For A New Mindset

You don't need a New Year or a New Decade to start over, you just need a new mindset.

The indoctrinated idea of New Year and a New Decade is the time to make a change in your life, whether it is to do with addictions, relationships, hobbies or fitness is quite simply mindset control nonsense.

Marketing Pressures

Marketing and sales ads for Valentines, Christmas, New Year, Easter etc. have been so heavily blasted onto people through the media, they have become an ingrained mindset to suddenly do something, or buy things you would not normally do.


Cultural Differences

Having travelled the world, I found that the actual meaning of the events have been locked into a date in a particular culture, most being oblivious to the fact that another culture due to religious dogma, have completely different dates for these celebratory events.

It is great to celebrate certain mandatory holidays for sure, and an opportunity to give presents and enjoy a family gathering whilst everyone else in your community is doing the same.

Keep Up With The Jones

However, the pressures of marketing often render people into huge debt, because they become obsessed with having everything needed for that special day. Like a "Keep up with the Jones" syndrome.

Also you try to book a table for a romantic dinner at the last minute on Valentine's in England. It is impossible, every single table anywhere in town will be filled and you have a real egg on your face with your girlfriend, unless you were pre prepared.

Then the celebration day comes and the pressures are so great, most can't actually come up to par with it. Often squabbles boil up between family and friends, because they all feel so pressured to have a happy time but the stress becomes too great and they over eat and over drink.


Then you got New Year, after the indulgence of Christmas week and New Years Eve. Oh it's time to make resolutions!! Like I've indulged in so many bad things over the year, I'll wait till New Years Day to turn over a new leaf.

All these things condition us to dates to act in certain ways. Whilst the rest of the year we carry on with normality of accesses, bad behaviour, lack of trust or reasonable behaviour with friends, workmates and family,

Like I'll do whatever and don't care for the consequences all year round, but suddenly I'll be the good guy / gal and the soul of the party for the celebratory day.

Level Of Care And Attention

See it like a x - y graph. All year round the level of care and attention you provide to others hovers low with the occasional highs and then suddenly it peaks on these dates, because you want to make a good impression, and then it nosedives after, because you are exhausted of being the nice guy / gal and the selfish bad guy / gal reappears with a vengeance.

This is a vicious circle if you allow it to be. I've witnessed so much of this behaviour within work and family environments. So much so that jokes are made about it. Often people dread these days, because they know what to expect from certain individuals.

The Fact Is It Is All About Mindset

People get triggered by artificial dates to change their behaviours, while the rest of the year, "who gives a damn! I'll just be my cantankerous self and sod anyone else" attitude.

A realisation that my habits and behaviours are not conducive to myself or others anytime or any date. Not its fine to consider "I'll be nice to others and myself on such and such a day because everyone else is doing it."

Mindset Change From Deep Within

Mindset in change of behaviour should come from deep within, as an inspiration of the heart soul on any day of the week or year.

Take your partner out for a romantic dinner, buy a surprise present, make a feast, go out celebrate, go for fitness classes, pack in addictions, on any day of the week, month or year. The fact is it is spontaneous, genuine and acted upon with love and consideration of the heart, not because of a marketing pantomime. Your memories and appreciation of those who participated with you will be far more meaningful and memorable.

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