Archangel Michael's Divine Intervention

Archangel Michael's Divine Intervention

We are currently leading ourselves as enlightened humans, step by step, through the preparation we need to create Mother Earth's planetary reboot. On September 29th 2020 it was Archangel Michael's feast day which is celebrated around the world. This selfless messenger of God has been, for eons, working diligently to protect humans on Earth from our own self inflicted mis creations and from those who have worked to entrap and enslave us. This year, because of the urgency of the hour, Archangel Michael and his lords of protection, were given permission to intervene more powerfully than ever before in humanities efforts, to release and transcend the surfacing negativity, which is being exposed in this critical and extremely challenging purging process taking place on Earth at this time. The collective cup of humanity's consciousness, which has been formed by millions of people, focusing their attention, hopes, hearts and prayers on Archangel Michael on this sacred holy day. This was a perfect vehicle for the activity of light, which Archangel Michael orchestrates through our heartfelt invocations, by the Company of Heaven, which have been building in momentum for several decades. Today enlightened humans will be now be empowered in new ways that have not been possible in the past because of humanity's inability to safely withstand this intensity of light. This is confirmation that in spite of outer appearances we are definitely moving forward into the light. Please go within the divinity of your heart flame and if you feel called to do so join in, with your "I Am Presence", every person on Earth and the entire Company of Heaven, as we invoke the divine intervention of Archangel Michael and his lords of power and protection.

Invocation To Archangel Michael

"I am my "I Am Presence" and I am one with the "I Am Presence" of all humanity. As one breath, one voice, one heartbeat and one energy vibration, within my consciousness of pure divine love. As I invoke the activity of the light for myself, I invoke it on behalf of every person on Earth, in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan for the highest good for all concerned. Beloved Archangel Michael and your legions of power and protection, on the celebration of your sacred day, we invoke you to come forth now. Blessed ones encapsulate me and all humanity in your invincible circle of white light, the ring pass knot of God's first cause of perfection. Prevent anything which is not of the light from interfering with our service to the light and our Divine mission of loving all life free. Archangel Michael, I ask that you come in at this station, with your angels mighty lords of power of protection, within my aura and the aura of every person on Earth. I ask that you direct these powerful angels to use their swords of blue fame to instantly cut us free from every line of course that would strive to prevent the immaculate concept of our Divine Plans from being fulfilled. Free us instantly from any blocks or resistance from our own lower consciousness, that might try to impede the God victorious accomplishment of our heart felt service to humanity and the light. Place your sword of blue flame in front, behind, beside, above and below me and permanently seal myself and every person on Earth in the exquisite light of your protective ring pass knot of Gods first cause of perfection. I so decree and accept it done, through the power of God.

Beloved Archangel Michael and your legions of power and protection, I now ask you to assist and protect every persons "I Am Presence", to intensify the invincible force field of protection around us, as we make this call. Beloved presence of God I am in me, I gratefully acknowledge in my mind and accept in my feelings, the living reality of your mantle of electronic light substance enfolding me in a blazing aura of ever expanding protection. Within your cosmic heart, I feel the pulsation of the flame of Divinity radiating through my consciousness. I am my "I Am Presence", through which flows at all times the virtues, qualities and blessings of our Mother Father God and their messengers to me and through me to all life everywhere. I also acknowledge and accept the mighty armour of light and faith so lovingly offered to me by my own angel of protection. With loving conviction I degree the light of God is always victorious. I live this day in Gods Light God is in control wherever I am The harmony of my true being is my ultimate protection I do now invoke the added assistance of Gods divine will to keep this activity of light sustained around me and my world, so that only the will of God may manifest in all my activities in all places and in all time. I make this call in Gods most holy name I am and so it is." Focus on this gift from Archangel Michael and the lords of power and protection he has stationed within your aura, to assist you in the fulfilment of this monumental phase of your Divine Plan during our Earth's

Planetary Reboot

If you have the heart call to assist Mother Earth and humanity, there is a free online presentation which will consist of guided meditations and activities of light from the Company of Heaven. This will take place everyday for two hours between October 17 - 22 2020. The Beings of Light will guide us all, step by step, through the critical facet of the unfolding Divine Plan, that will be accomplished through the unified efforts of humanity and the Company of Heaven. These presentations will be encoded by the Company Of Heaven in the eternal moment of now. If you cannot join us live, whenever you have the heart call to watch the replays of these videos, your "I Am presence" will be your magnificent light and gift into this Planetary Reboot. If you have the heart call to assist with this vitally important Planetary Reboot just go to the website to register. Please forward this to those who you feel would be willing to participate in this Planetary Reboot and to add their light to this essential facet to Planet Earth's ascension process. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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