Ascension Anxiety

Ascension Anxiety

Many people are inexplicably feeling anxiety and nausea symptoms right now, as we are receiving incoming huge light energy across the planet, which is affecting us all.

Changes within our DNA These light energies are information, which are augmenting our double helix strand DNA, of third dimensional physical bodily existence, to a twelve strand crystalline solar body. This is all in preparation for the fifth dimensional existence following the Ascension of Mother Earth and all that abides on it, which is currently in progress in October 2020, known as the Planetary Reboot. 93% of the function of our DNA is light and sound reception and transmission. So when we understand the relationship of our DNA and our body, we may understand why these light energies are affecting us so much right now. It is the rest of what has been deliberately misinterpreted as junk DNA which is reactivating to change the whole of our DNA infrastructure. So these immense changes will undoubtedly affect our own bodies and the electronics you may have around you.

Purging Negative Energies These energies are purging negative energies across the planet and within ourselves. We have accumulated dense energies and carry them round, but this transmuting violet light energy is releasing them and cleansing us all. We may not see these energies, but that doesn't mean these energies don't exist, they simply vibrate on a higher level than our eyes can currently see.exist. You may feel nauseous or experiencing headaches and generally feeling imbalanced.

Please note you are not alone, we are ll agoing through a Global Reboot or Reset, which involves great changes across the planet. So the changes happening within and across the world will also be happening within you. Through the purging of these negative energies, we will lift the veil of truth and harmony within ourselves and across the world. So we have to go through this reset come what may. But if you understand the reasons why, you will hopefully be able to manage these changes much better. Humans have been filled for so long with fake food, fake drinks, fake news and fake people, that our natural grounding is very out of the balance, so these energies will be harder to manage.

Ground Yourself So it is important to ground with nature, to manage this time period. Drink alkaline water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, eat grounding root food, all these belong to the nature of Earth and will assist you in grounding. It is important to get out into nature and manage your diet. You will notice more that the changes are positive, we are upgrading and discarding the dense negative energies. Remember we cannot control outside of us, but we can control within ourselves. We are light workers, pioneers of the 5D earth and must work as a collective through the transmuting of the violet light descending all over our planet right now and connect together, to assist us all through this time period, to a new Ascended Mother Earth. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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