Be Prepared For Disclosure

Be Prepared For Disclosure

Disclosure of long ongoing secret investigations, by the Alliance, on key individuals and organisations which have caused so much chaos, ill treatment and trafficking of guns, drugs and humans worldwide, amongst so many other atrocities, is about to break.

September 2020 and beyond is a landmark timeline, for truth and disclosure, naming and shaming key individuals, who have been the perpetrators of immense atrocities. It has been a long time coming. But at the end of the day, disclosure only comes when the masses are spiritually prepared for it.

The Matrix Of Control

The matrix of false financial legal and religious institutions, who have for so long been in the public eye, paraded as the guardians of worldwide human rights, yet were either simply constituted for the evil purposes of the elite controllers, or infiltrated by evil over long periods of time.

The mainstream media, controlled by the matrix, has been protecting them for so long and imparting mis and dis information, that the majority of the population have been duped into thinking these organizations were for their benefit, yet all the time were simply erected for the benefit of their elite controllers.. The list is too immense and complex to discuss here, but rest assured the leaders of these organisations are continuously looking behind them, as they know their days are numbered. Many numbers have already gone underground.

Geopolitical Changes Since 2009, presidential and political administrative changes within key countries have enabled and passed new laws to bypass and try perpetrators by military courts.

This key and decisive move has led to overriding the existing legal systems, which have been so infiltrated and overtaken by the dark side, that in principle they only exist simply to serve them, rather than to serve mankind rights.

In addition they have completely changed the face of worldwide financial currency infrastructure, with the newly installed Quantum Financial System (QFS), in September 2020, to take back control from the elite current illegal and detrimental financial infrastructures they created, simply for their own welfare and amassment of zillions of dollars into their own safety nets.

Therefore, until now, it would have been impossible to bring cartels and key political, military, policing and legal representatives who collaborated with them to be brought to justice. Whether this resonates or not, one must consider carefully the rapid change there has been geopolitically over the last year, both good and bad. The good being the locking up of key individuals and exposing others, whilst the bad, which we have faced so much of recently, for no apparent reason, has been the backlash from the dark side under serious attack.

Key Perpetrators Gone Certain highly influential individuals of the dark side, who had previously complete freedom and access to trillions of dollars, to enhance their satanic plans over humanity, you may have noticed are no longer on the scene. Why would that be? Their power base has been swept from underneath them As with all conspirators, when arrested many will rat on others, under pressure, finally exposing and providing more evidence of the immensity of a spider's web of deceit, lies and atrocities, which our worldwide population has had to endure for so long. Most people across the world have been in complete ignorance of the spider's web ever increasing power covering the whole world, but simply seeing their rights and way of life being decimated over time.

The Can Of Worms Is Opening Disclosure on many previously unanswered and covered up instances which shocked the world, yet no sensible answers given as to why, are to be released, how and when is still to be determined. But I can assure you the can of worms is opening. If we as a human race are to ascend into a new world of equality, compassion, understanding, moralistic, and world peace, we have to release ourselves from the matrix of deceit. However painful it may be, the darkness needs to be unveiled, in order for humanity to understand, reason, readjust and reassemble in an orderly and compassionate way for all concerned, not simply for a privileged few individuals who mistakenly thought they could rule the world in perpetuity.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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