Being Grounded Despite All

Being Grounded Despite All

If ever there were a time to know how to stay grounded, it’s now.

In the midst of pandemics, wild fires, disasters and the economic upheaval brought on by extreme social distancing, the world seems to have turned itself upside down. What next you may ask yourself?

Around the globe, people’s minds are buzzing with uncertainty. How many will be lost to this virus, these wild fires, these riots, etc? Will we, or someone we love, be infected, arrested, killed or lost forever? How long will they last? Are they real or are they fake?

The Virus Is In Fact Fear

Fear is the end game for those who wish to control you, they manipulate and impose on you to put you in fear. Whether that is an abusive bully, or a controlling anarchist group, or indeed your own rulers, because they want to enslave you to serve them, quite simply.

We have no way of knowing what the future holds. And with many people losing their jobs, or facing the possibility of losing their businesses, and their lives, it feels like the ground’s being ripped out from under the whole world economy, peace and prosperity.

Knowing how to stay grounded in times like these – during any crisis, really – can keep us calm, collected, and capable of making wise decisions at precisely the time we need it most.

Grounding Myself

For myself having experienced many lifetime highs and lows, which seemed to have swung from one to another with breathtaking speed, my emotions could have very easily been taken with these waves.

However, my one saviour has always been knowing how to ground myself whatever the circumstances.

Mind Body Spirit Coordination

This initially started from my experiences learning Ki Aikido back in my late 20's and 30's. I've described these experiences on my History page, so please read if you would like to know more.

But the key element was mind body spirit coordination.

What I learnt from my experiences, initially with Ki Aikido, is that no matter what the circumstances; being completely still for long periods of time; sitting in seisa (kneeling prayer) in a relaxed state; or then suddenly being called upon to participate in defensive exercises or even with repeated bodily, bokan, knife, sword attacks by my sensei or fellow student, who I also saw as my teacher.

The one constant throughout all, in keeping myself together and alive, was grounding myself, in mind body spirit coordination, whether standing on two feet, energetically redirecting blows away which were directed at me, or being thrown at high velocity, during technique practices, countless times, in the dojo.

These experiences taught me an invaluable lesson for life. Whatever is going on, do not enter into the fear factor, be ones own true spiritual self, be love and light, be weight underside, and divert negative energy away from ones own being.

Simply walk away from negative situations, unless your very own life or well being is at stake, in which case deal with it instantaneously, in a loving calm, yet decisive manner and end the threat decisively. Your adversary's negative intentions, do not enter your field of energy, they are reflected away into a void.

Applying What I Learnt To Daily Life

Now any daily given situation does not feel anywhere near as dangerous or threatening than those situations I faced on the dojo mat. So why should I be in fear of them? There is no logical sense to it.

Yet so many people's minds are swayed and manipulated into fear by the slightest disturbance. It shows a weakness of spirit and complete misunderstanding or misjudgement of what they are actually facing. That is nothing insurmountable.

There is always a logical, sensible and qualified answer to everything, but simply seeing it in fearful manner, will simply blind you from the truth.

You may not achieve it straight away, maybe the situation is complex. But by continuing to deal with the situation calmly, being observant and trusting your heart, a way will always be found.

The why, where and when, which most people instinctively focus on erroneously, is not the issue. The issue is being present. Only when you are present are you grounded and mind body spirit coordinated.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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