Being In The Flow

Being In The Flow

We can achieve effortless action in the state of flow. So we can move through time and space more efficiently. When we reach the state of flow there is less input energy used to get a greater output.

So everything moves with less friction and resistance. You need to flow like the water. A lot of things will not be more difficult than they should be because of subconsciousness programs that have been embedded in us all for eons.

If you want to focus on work, careers, goals, past times and relationships, everything should flow like the river. If the river is flowing and you swim against the current you are not going to get anywhere. Sometimes you might want to hold onto the side like a branch or rocks and fight against the river and it makes it much more difficult.

It is much easier to navigate the river and go with the flow instead of forcing and trying to be in control. So by going with the flow, one can adjust to changes and become accustomed to do something different. But you still keep going.

This is relevant to goals, relationships and career. You want to be flowing with no anxiety of the future and no fear of hardships of the past. Then you can be in the present moment. Nothing else matters than this present moment going with the flow with less energy.

Some people are going to give you resistance, so flow around them. If you force the issue it is not good for your physical and mental health.

Ask yourself does the relationship serve you? You are not here to serve by feeding your energy. There should not be resistance in relationships and friends. Sometimes it is time to let go.

So keep going, the river course may say go this way or that way. So don't back track and go with it. Not everything is going to be easy, but if you go with the flow you can achieve greater things.

Work smarter not harder to be and go with the flow.

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