Beliefs Are The Sum Of Our Experiences

Beliefs Are The Sum Of Our Experiences

Our beliefs are the sum of our experiences, and on a deeper level, the perceptions of our experiences, and the conclusions we’ve formed from those perceptions.

So, unless we expect everyone around us to have the exact same experiences in life as us, and ever further unless we expect them to have the same perceptions of the same experiences…

Neither of which will EVER happen…

It may be a good idea to gain a little bit more patience and consideration towards people, and people's belief systems that aren’t perfectly in alignment with ours.

If nothing else, you’ll have a happier, more enjoyable life.

…And if we EVER want to actually have ANY kind of unity in our country and in the world, the first step towards that reality is having patience and consideration towards other people's perspectives.

Just saying, try it out… And you might actually enjoy it and feel a little bit happier and lighter.

If you actually want to try and influence and shift someone else’s beliefs, the LAST thing you want to do is attack their way of thinking and feeling…

…Posting long rants on social media about how you’re right for believing what you do, and how they’re wrong for believing what they do…

…Or almost worse, throwing statistics and facts at them that back up your argument from your perspective.

When you do either of the above, all you do is make the other person want to DEFEND their current belief more and more, forcing them to find new and different reasons to get behind their belief.

We all have inherent confirmation biases towards what we believe, and the more you attack, the more they defend and confirm.

If you actually want to shift someones belief to be more like yours, tell them the story of how you came to form your belief.

Ideally, start your journey/story in the same place where they are right now and then walk them through the process of how your belief shifted.

Show them that you used to feel exactly how they do right now and that they’re not crazy for feeling that way… And then bring them on your journey of having your belief shifted.

Throw the stats and facts out of the window, and instead tell them how you felt on your journey, what you thought along the way and what your emotions were.

What exact experiences and specific journey did you go on to have your belief shifted?

What realizations did you experience that made you look at things differently?

What aha moments did you have that brought you from the one belief (they’re belief) to the other (your new belief)?

And, how is your life different and better since your belief has shifted?

Tell your story about how your beliefs shifted, and create the possibility for a shift on their end.

Cram your point of view down their throat, and watch as they defend their case more and more, in ways that you feel are less and less logical.

Use this process with caution, and only in ethical and honest ways...

But beyond all else...

Look at the option of having a little bit more patience towards others with differently belief systems, and open up your world to the opportunity of a happier, more enjoyable life.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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