Birth Of The New Earth

Birth Of The New Earth

It is clear to all of us who observe changes on our planet both across the world, and in our own environments, that there are many changes at this time.

These are both positive changes which are moving us forward in our increased personal consciousness awareness with truth beginning to come as we rethink our reality.

There is also clearly a negative reaction from those who do not want these changes to take place, doing whatever they can and pass on fear to all mankind in order to dumb down our increase in evolving consciousness.

But the change is unstoppable, as it is not simply a consciousness of mankind. It is also the consciousness of our Planet Earth, our Solar System and our Galaxy and beyond into infinity.

Energetic Frequential Changes There is an obvious change relating to our Mother Earth, as the Schumann Resonance, which represents her internal vibrations, has spiked over 40 Hz in the past year, there was a quiet and low period for many weeks and now its picking up again very strongly in October 2020. Just like a Tsunami wave of energy, it pulls back and then returns in full force. Our Sun has also changed dramatically recently, as its emitting much stronger light than before. Light is information and that information is passing through us human beings. It is changing our DNA structure from a two helix strand of the currently evolved third dimensional human being, that has been that way for eons since its fall from grace, back to a twelve helix strand of an illuminated, highly conscious fifth dimensional being. Just in simple terms, whether you are aware of these changes taking place within you or not. You may have noticed a strong ringing in your ears, which many many people across the world are currently experiencing. A subtle but noticeable change, which one should question why this would be happening?

Planetary Reboot

Currently in October 2020 we are experiencing a Planetary Reboot, which is preparing us for the main event of our Planetary Ascension into the Fifth Dimension. The Divine Plan for this occurrence is far too complex for most of us to understand or know exactly when this change occurs, one simply has to experience the change.

Fully Awake Some humans will be fully aware of the current changes happening within our Planet, Our Galaxy and All That Is, as they are highly attuned to the vibrational changes through their consciousness over many years. Waking Up Some humans are waking up right now. Having been previously entrenched in the subconscious programs they have been subjected to since birth. Now beginning to question how the universe, galaxy, sun, planet and their body and all around them actually works in reality, and not what they have been forceably taught, to distract them from the truth. Asleep Some humans are not waking up at all. Simply following blindly, what they are being told, through all the means of communications available to them, which are fully controlled by the elite controllers. This is a desperate attempt to dumb them down, so they no longer make rational decisions for themselves, because some higher force has instructed and forced them to act in ways, which normally would have been considered incomprehensible, irrational and in some cases insane. Awakened And Questioning Those who are beginning to wake up are now finally questioning how the legal, health, educational and financial institutions within their own nations and worldwide function. Because of the most recent events they have witnessed in their own environment, nations and across the world, suddenly seem so much more oppressive, dictatorial, nonsensical and controlling than ever before. This is because the oppressive leaders of the world, who control all these institutions, are desperately trying to chain us all down from our normal lives, in order to stem the progress of our rising consciousness to the waves of light energy, which are changing our perceptions, our DNA and our inner molecular structure in readiness for the fifth dimensional shift we are about to witness. Love And Fear Whether you consider what I say is "hocus pocus" or not, which is fine by me, as we all have our independent freewill of thought and creation. Yet I ask you to understand one thing and contemplate on it, both in relation to your own lives, community, nation, continent and planet.

Love is a Light energy which creates. Fear is a Dark energy which destroys.

Individual and Collective Decisions It is Universal Law that you decide which is best for your own lives, community, nation, continent and planet. We all decide as that is our power as individuals and as a collective. Do I, you and we want to continue with how our Planet as it has evolved and destroy? Or do I, you and we want a rebirth of our Planet and create? Do I, you and we want to create or destroy? The choice is ours. But understand the mass collective of us all will determine it's outcome.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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