Breaking Free From The Power Of Fear 

Breaking Free From The Power Of Fear

Fear is a very dense low consciousness, as it is an energy that moves and spins slowly . So we more often experience it, connect to it, attach to it and create false realities around it.

So fear consciousness becomes very big and stays with us as worry, developing into habit and sickness, based on illusions of circumstances of the past or perceptions of future.

Joy, on the other hand, is a light high vibrational consciousness, which moves and spins much faster. So we tend to enjoy it more, experience it in the "now" and let it be.

Fear As An Illusionary Consciousness

When something happens externally; or is based on something in the past; or a perceptional concern in the future, it gives us an illusion of dis empowerment. We become out of alignment with who we are; and we start looking externally for our power and voice, maybe through media or people around us, and not within our own truth. Fear is a very manipulative and controlling consciousness. We are so used to experiencing it as a collective, many times we don't even realise we are digesting it from our external environment, either locally or on the news.

Detach Yourself From The Power Of Fear

You need to detach yourself from the power of fear, as generally it is just an illusionary energy. Understand it has in fact no power or control over you, unless you allow it to. So realise that you can release yourself from the grip of fear.

Sense Fear As A Vibrational Message

Fear as a vibrational message could be what is on the news; or what someone has told you; or an abusive situation; or based on a situation you have experienced in the past.

You may start stressing; feeling dis empowered; feeling you have no choice; and looking externally for a solution, which you are digesting. This is highly debilitating, so your internal vibrational consciousness slows right down.

Fear In The "Now" Moment

Fear in the "now" moment is very different. It is based on something which is actually happening in the "now" moment, like a potential accident, or a dangerous circumstance you are actually involved in.

It is a real situation which is happening in the "now". This fear needs to be recognised as something very different, where you need to change or get out of the situation quickly to restore balance and return to safety.

Dissect The Fear

The key is to dissect fear to break through it. Dive deeper into what you are digesting and experiencing..

Is it an "illusionary consciousness" fear? Or is it a real "now in the moment:" fear. It is very important to distinguish and recognise between the two, as the vibrations you feel within you are very different. Understand that "illusionary consciousness" fears are not in the "now" moment. They are usually based on external circumstances, memories from the past or perceptions of the future and not what is actually happening in the "now" moment.

Let The Vibration Of "Illusionary Consciousness" Fear Go Through And Out Of You

Go beyond the physical illusion and dive deeper into what you are digesting as fear.

Feeling "illusionary consciousness" fear is a third dimensional matrix lower vibrational consciousness, which you are standing in right now. So you need to break out of it.

Simply let the vibration of that fear pass through you and exit your being. This could be by breathing it out or visualising it exiting your body. Understand It isn't wrong or bad, it is simply an external "matrix consciousness" vibrational wave which doesn't serve you.

The physical manifestation you experience from this low vibrational wave may be; abnormal breathing; palpitations; heart beating fast; sweating; or disorientation. So you don't want to internalise these and fester within you. You need to let them flow out of you.

Feel the fear just as joy. It simply vibrates and feels different. It isn't wrong or bad. It is simply a vibration which you consciously decide to internalise or externalise.

Play With The Energy And Dissect The Fear

See yourself playing with it. See it as an energy going through your body, but not controlling you as a whole, it doesn't own you.

Understand fear and play with it as it doesn't have control of you. You are in charge! It simply has a different vibration, just as you feel joy, so just experience the vibration.

Question and dissect the experience of fear into 1) is this based on the "now" moment? or 2) is it something that you perceive as coming? or 3) is it an illusion based on past experience.

Follow these steps:

1) Feel the vibration of the fear.

2) Is this fear based on the "now" moment?

3) Is this fear based on past experience?

4) Is this fear based on an illusionary perception of the future?

5) Is the fear based on an external illusion from the news or other people's fears?

6) What is the storyline of the fear being given to you?

7) Can I breathe it through and let it exit from my being, without reacting or internalising it?

8) Can I remain sovereign and at peace within myself, as I was before the incident occurred and externalise it?

9) Can I grow from this experience and continue to remain calm, balanced, centred and true to myself come what may?

Now you are developing consciously in a state of love and well being at a higher vibrational rate and not falling into the swamp of low vibrational fear.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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