Breathing Manifestation

Breathing Manifestation

Ever wanted to know or understand the secret to manifestation? Those ideals of what you would like in your life. We all have different viewpoints on what that might be for ourselves.

So it should be. It is what makes life so beautiful, creating our own universes, all different as we all have our own imaginations. Yet the end goal is the same. Making something so beautiful in our imagination, that it feels like Nirvana.

It may seem impossible to achieve. As we face so many internal and external barriers, which seem to divert us from our ultimate goal. Not only that we have been mind trained from so many different sources, whether by our family and friends, society, education, media or our religious beliefs.

Now why would that be, because, either intentionally or unintentionally, others don't want you to achieve your dreams. As there maybe an element of jealousy, or in the eyes of cultural society or religion, you should know your place in life, and how dare you consider you could have a better life style, or be an independent thinker, breaking the chains of mediocrity.

So that apart, once you recognise that it is more often than not, outside influences which demotivate and restrict you, eventually you become so accustomed to these limiting beliefs, you begin to believe them yourself and then internally conditionally demotivate and restrict yourself.

Now first of all you must break the chain of de-motivation and restriction, as you cannot explore further if your mind, body and spirit are aligned with the chain. If you see yourself chained up then that is what you will be.

So first break off those chains and tell yourself "There is another way, let me find out what that is". Now you are no longer the prisoner, you are the explorer. So explore!

Through my personal breaking of the chains and exploring, I have learnt so much, achieved so much, and taken my physical body, my potentially immense brain power, and my light body spirit, to levels I never imagined I could feel, taste, touch, hear and sense. I have taken the journey of self exploration either simply by myself or with the assistance of great mentors and teachers.

I invite you to do the same. Without fear but with the wonder of love.

Now here I am suggesting a proven and effective method of manifesting what you desire in life. It doesn't matter who or what that might be as this is limitless. Yet the procedure is simple and effective.

Breathe Calmly

Firstly learning to breathe calmly and naturally, is something we do every second of the day, but many of us ignore it, as simply a bodily function and don't see the importance of enhancing our breathing techniques and being at one with our breathing.

Breathing is a major function which keeps us alive, as we breathe in, we inhale oxygen and as we breathe out, we exhale carbon dioxide. This is like nutrition for our brain, blood circulation, all our vital organs, our whole body and ultimately our mind, body and spirit, all functioning in unison to the vibration of our breathing.

Breathe In Deeply

So tune into your mind, body and spirit with your breathing, Sense the air coming into your nostrils, just as though you are smelling your favourite flower or perfume. Let the air you breathe in gently enter filling your mind, body and spirit. Feel your body inhale the goodness as your chest expands, but all importantly, your belly expands. This is deep breathing. as you are extending the capacity of your breathing to your sacral chakra.

Breathe Out Deeply

Now the reverse from your belly breathe out, then breathe out from your lungs into your throat, head and brain, then out of your mouth. But more importantly release very gently out of your mouth, in a controlled and smooth fashion. You will hear a sound coming deep from your throat, learn to make the sound smooth and clear.

The more you practise this the longer you can expand your breathing cycle in and out, from the normal which is generally 2-3 seconds, to 10 seconds then 20 seconds and more.

Now you are expanding your breathing to its ultimate potential and the goodness of the oxygen entering and the carbon dioxide exiting will be immensely enhanced.

Using Your Breath To Manifest

Now you may be asking what has my breathing got to do with manifesting. The reason is now you have learnt to breathe to your optimum level, you are now able to incorporate the technique of manifestation through your breathing.

The Importance Of What You Manifest From Your Mind

Most people think of; I want more money; or physical objects of value; or a specific a person to love;. These are details which you decide you want, but they are actually irrelevant as universal manifestation doesn't function that way.

It functions on the frequency vibrations of emotions and feelings. So instead, focus on how you would feel deep inside, if you actually had the above in your possessions or persons you desire.

So the wealth, the objects, the house, the job, or maybe the love of your life, have already manifested in your mind, now you are basking in the feeling of contentment, happiness and love.

That is what you then need to bring to the forefront, the feeling of contentment, happiness and love experienced, when you have what you desire, not the actual object of desire. This is very important.

Now how do you incorporate this Manifestation Feeling (Vibration) into your breathing technique?

First Breathe In

So as above, tune into your mind, body and spirit with your breathing. Sense the air coming into your nostrils, just as though you are smelling your favourite flower or perfume. let the air you breathe in gently enter filling your mind body and spirit. Feel your body inhale the goodness as your chest expands, but all importantly your belly expands. This is deep breathing. as you are extending the capacity of your breathing to your sacral chakra.

Breathe Out

When you breathe deep down, outwardly towards your belly, send down, with your mind, the manifestation vibrational feeling (as described above) you created through the outward breath into your belly. When it reaches your belly (sacral chakra), then let that feeling escape out of your belly (sacral chakra) and visualise it expanding outwardly, across your light sphere (your aura) and beyond, into the air around you and out to the universe.

Now you have interpreted your manifestation feeling into a vibrational frequency, (just like sending out Morse Code) which the universe can now attune to, because it functions on vibrational frequencies.

The universal law is that it always responds in kind to vibrational frequencies received, so if what you are sending out is positive love frequencies, that is what it will return. However, if you are sending out negative fear frequencies, that is what it will return, which clearly you don't want.

Breathe Back In

Now you are breathing in the universal response to your outwardly vibrational frequency you originally breathed out. So let it back in through your belly (sacral chakra) just as the vibrational frequency of the universe has determined.

NB: Do Not Analyse It

Simply allow it in, otherwise you are interfering with the frequency and purity of the vibrational present the universe is providing to you.

Now as you breathe in from your belly, fill your body with this universal frequency vibrational present it has given to you in return.

Repeat The Procedure

Continuously repeating the procedure, as you grow used to the procedure and your breathing improves, lengthens and increases your oxygen intake and carbon dioxide outtake, enhances all your bodily functions, your mental capacity and your spiritual being.

Soon you will no longer just be participating in this procedure only when meditating, but throughout your daily life. You will, with practise, be continuously manifesting through your normal day to day, minute by minute breathing.

Now Let It Be

Now let this vibrational universal present do its magic. Don't interfere mentally, as its uniqueness is so powerful, it is beyond your current reasoning as a third dimensional being.

In other words do not consider the why? what? if? when? . These are analytical thoughts which act as blocking agents to manifestation.

Just simply BE AND BREATHE. This is your natural state and most optimal state of being. As you are now working with your internal Ki Energy and that of the Universe.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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