Calling All Light Warriors - Victory Is Ours For The Taking

Calling All Light Warriors - Victory Is Ours For The Taking

In the Information Age that we have just passed through ignorance is a choice. Yet we are all here for a divine purpose, as we have now entered the Spiritual Age, as per the Mayan Calendar. We are now going from dark to light.

Lighthouse Beacons We are the "144,000 Warriors Of The Rainbow". We are the "Lighthouse Beacons of Gaia" and we are here to break the matrix. You are also the lighthouse during this event and it is time for you to shine your light. You have been called in to question everything and do your research as sovereign beings. To understand how, when and why we have come to this point, and what needs to be done to change it for the betterment of all humankind and Mother Earth.

A Collective Of Rainbow Warriors We are collectively creating the 5D Earth and it will take a collective effort from all the Rainbow Warriors of the Hopi prophecy, to collapse and finally break the matrix of control over our lives that we experience right now. We are at a time where there are many frequencies and we are here to shine light on the authentic truth of these frequencies. That is why you are here Light Warriors! We came here in waves of volunteers of soul groups. We are here to be the lighthouses to bring forth the victory of the light over darkness.

Time Line Shifts In recent times, we have seen the light and the Schumann Frequency of Mother Earth shifting. Our time line has shifted, it is arriving much sooner than you may have imagined. Things are beginning to pick up. So now is the time period for you to shine your light brightly, so we the people of Gaia can guide others towards and through the event.

A Divine Purpose We are all of different colours, classes and creeds. Yet, collectively, we have all come here for a divine purpose. We are the Ones in the ancient text. These are not simply myths, they are stories about us. Our time period is biblical and it is now. We have come here, collectively, to break the matrix of control, imposed on all our people on Earth. There have been many glitches and anomalies.That time period and energy is now. The truth cannot be told, it can only be realised. it is time to materialise and harness this energy, as we are collectively bringing forth the victory of the light over darkness. Use your higher consciousness to raise your vibration and increase your electromagnetism. For many years there has been a saying "Seeing is believing" this is false. The truth is "Believe and you will see".

Time To Break The Matrix Of Dark Control It is time to break the matrix and take back our everyday lives. We may not control what is around us, but we can control from within ourselves. We are all on this journey together and collectively here to get the job done. Much, much more can be achieved when we all work collectively for change.

You Are The Event Be conscious that you are the event, Light Warrior. It is time for you to shine your light from your lighthouse. It is time for us all to take back our everyday lives. Nothing will stop this Light Warriors! Nothing!! Victory of the Light over Dark is here for us to take.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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