Censorship Is At Its Height

Censorship Is At Its Height

When censorship of information is at its height across mainstream and social media, it should ring alarm bells to the awakened human race.

We have experienced censorship previously many times within our history, and experienced the devastating effect it can have for our civilisations.

Freedom Of Speech

When freedom of speech is suppressed as it is right now, there is no opportunity for people to make valued judgements for themselves.

Just as in court, when an accused is facing charges, under reasonable circumstances and a sense of right and wrong, both sides have the right to express their point of view to the jury of circumstances which may be complex and hidden under a veil of deceit or truth.


Humans often simply comply with perceptions which they are exposed to, for many reasons. They have their complicated lives, which they are doing their best to deal with and often don't take the time to sit back and observe in order to make rational decisions on what they are experiencing , or what may be actually going on around the world, which directly or indirectly affect their ability to manage their lives in a complicated world.

The darkness of orchestrated lies, by those who are in control of communities and nations, will unfortunately do whatever they have power to influence in order to ensure their story of events and their personal interests are maintained, regardless whether it is also in the interest of its own community.

The Light Of Truth

During this time of many global changes, during our planetary reboot and pathway to ascension, the light of truth and love is exposing the darkness and lies perpetrated by those who have had ultimate control on our planet and its human population.for eons.

The Matrix Of Control

The matrix of control has been so immense over time, that most have no idea that they are mind controlled by it, filled by subconscious mind programmes which they have been subjected to since birth through education, religion, media etc.

The net effect being that they believe the world is the way it is. But the way it is has been a web of mind control, suppression and compliance, simply for the benefit of the elite controllers.

The Power Of Information

Information is a powerful tool which can be used for truth or lies, love or fear, light or darkness. When one controls the methods of transmitting information, as the dark forces have to date, one can manipulate anything to ones own agenda.

But what is happening right now, whether you realise it or not, the light of truth is being emitted from outside our prison planet, through very powerful cosmic rays and our own sun. This light is information! Information to enable our human DNA to transform and bring us to our ultimate capabilities as evolved human beings in readiness for our transformation from 3D perceptions to a 5D reality and existence.

Right now disclosure is emerging of many relevant issues which humans have questioned for a long time, proof of prior damaging events, wrong doings perpetrated by those who were given charge to manage our economies, legal systems and management of institutions which were meant to improve our health, education and lives.

The Power Of Control

Now if you were in charge and had usurped your authority and used these systems of control purely for your own benefit and not for the whole, what would you do?

Would you admit to the wrongdoings and offer to change or stand aside for more capable and righteous beings to relieve you of your authority?

The fact is those who have been in these privileged positions, because they have for ages infiltrated these balancing systems over time, to ensure their dark agenda is maintained.

Now they are not going to give up without a fight for their own existence. They now know their time is numbered, yet will still do absolutely anything to remain in power.

The methodology of retaining power is complex and far reaching, but one of the most important is the control of information, as this directly penetrates the minds of those who have little vision of right and wrong.

The very act of questioning their agenda is being suppressed to such a degree right now, that the message that Light Workers across the world want to convey and exposure of the lies and deceit is being severely hampered as the controllers still have ultimate control of the mainstream media and now social media.

Remember Light Light Warriors We Are A Family Of Truth

As reiterated before in my blog articles:

We cannot control what is going on around us, but we can control within ourselves, this is our internal power to overcome all. Remember Light Warriors, we are all a family, a 5D family. We must assist each other during these troubled times all round the world. Be aware soon the matrix will fall completely, as it is already crashing. Victory of the Light is upon us and a new 5D existence is ours to go forward to.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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