Chakra Meditation

Over the years I’ve supercharged my spiritual curiosity, learning more about meditation, Tantra, and dipping into quantum physics as well, at least, as much of it as I could understand.

What I’ve learned over the years is that we are totally in control of our reality, our energy, and our life experience.

One of the best ways I’ve found to heal is to balance my chakras.

Chakras are centres of energy within the body running from the base of our spine up to above the crown of our head. The ancient Sanskrit word for chakra translates to ‘wheel’, suggesting that the energy centers in our body are wheels that move our energy upwards. They were first referenced in the Vedas text from the second millennium BCE.

All organisms give off a frequency, but what happens when our energy gets stuck? Are we able to access all of our potential in a state where we feel unsafe, unable to express ourselves, or aren’t totally open to love?

To me that means healing and loving ourselves first, because when we work on self-love, we create the capacity for all of the other forms of love to come to us. The following are some helpful chakra meditations to rebalance your energy centers, and help you feel safe, confident, and open:


Chakra Meditation Youtube Playlist

For Psychic gr Aura / Chakra Readings

An Aura / Chakra Reading involves my looking at your aura and chakra centers,

These are energy centers that are aligned down the front and back of the body. I work with the chakras to gain insights regarding your mental, emotional and physical states. In doing so I am able to address your questions or situation on a deeper level.

The information and understanding you gain also helps facilitate letting go of blocks (emotional and mental) in those chakras. This helps the energy in the aura / chakras to flow freely, throughout your energy system, creating harmony within.

The Aura is very much a part of us, and can be seen by the naked eye for those who have the ability or develop the sensitivity. The aura consists of various levels of consciousness. It is a representation of your innate traits and potential. It is composed of layers of energy and within the aura is recorded all our experiences, thoughts and feelings. The aura acts like a mirror that shows our current mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition, and this is what I am tuning into and reading during an aura / chakra reading. One can even detect illness within the aura before it actually manifests into the physical body.

Chakras are vortices through which energy flows both in and out of the body. They are located on the etheric level, this is also known as the body double, it takes the form exactly as our physical body. The chakras rotate like turning a wheel, when functioning properly.

There are twelve main chakras, going down the front and back of the body, penetrating just inside as well. There are also ten chakras more distant from the body in the aura. These chakras eventually need to be developed, but their development is based on the development of the ones at the etheric level. The energy, which powers these vortices, comes from different sources; one is our evolutionary energy, another being our spiritual force within us. These energies come from inside the body and flow out of the chakras.

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Michael Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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