Changing Values And Perceptions

Changing Values And Perceptions

All values, perceptions and meaning of life, have been dominated by mass media and the reigning political propaganda, in cycles for eons.

When a major event changes our circumstances en masse, due to a shift in the geo-political power base, it shakes and wakes some people up to a different viewpoint of what to value, regardless of who is in power.

Some have had that different viewpoint all the time, and expressed it, as loud as they could, but were not heard over all the noise of the previous lifestyle, prior to the changing event, and more often than not ridiculed, subdued, imprisoned or even executed by the current ruling victor.

Why? Because that lifestyle and belief system was what the mass were herded into, like sheep in a pen, by the ruling power base and ideologies. Till over time, en masse, they too eventually believed that was their own reality,

But actually it was one made up for them, by the latest victors that had dominated their belief systems, after their last victory over a previous victor.

Vilifying the previous rulers, who had in fact done just the same, but in their own tone and fashion.

And so the cycle continues until the masses wake up and jump off the wheel.

Present Day Change

This change is occurring now, people are reviewing their lifestyles, ideologies and values, as circumstances have forced them into it.

The difference now is that the world is in communication together, via the Internet and more sophisticated means of communications. Enabling people to be more aware, that the very changes they are facing in their own locality, are in fact happening worldwide, that we en masse are experiencing the same issues.

A Counter Balance Between Negative And Positive

Because the powers that be have decided to make it a worldwide issue to gain control worldwide, there is a counter balancing positive awakening, a negative vibration will always be countered by a positive vibration.

Where as previously communication was limited, so one locality of culture, race or nation had no idea what another locality of culture, race or nation was facing. Believing their own rulers propaganda that the other locality of culture race or nation were to blame for the change, and of course nothing to do with them as rulers. Now people, en masse, are finally beginning to see the cracks through this facade and are saying no more! We take our destiny into our own hands from now on. And learn to live in peace and harmony with each other and nature across our planet.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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