Clearing Our Fear Based Consciousness

Clearing Our Fear Based Consciousness

Over eons we have manifested a fear based consciousness. It is a fragmented consciousness of our human ego, no longer connected with our "I Am Presence" of higher dimensions and feeling that our physical bodies are all that exist.

We had barely enough consciousness to resist us from the belief system of dog eat dog and that we or they are number one over above anyone else. Which has led us to so much destruction and fear of others.

For no rational reasoning other than from persistent fearmongering by those controlling us, in order to keep us imprisoned in our minds, leading us into futile battles and wars, whilst being completely controlled by the elite priveleged few at the top of the pyramid of control.

However In October 2020, during our Planetary Reboot, through the frequency of the violet flame of God's infinite perfection, the "I Am Presence" of every person on Planet Earth is now able to breathe through their violet flame. Through the newly activated fifth dimensional elemental vortexes, our crystalline solar strands of DNA, our crystalline solar spine, our twelve solar activated chakras, and our solar etheric, mental and emotional crystalline solar light bodies are also activating.

Through this evolutionary process, we have been able to transmute all surfacing negativity from the fragmented and fear based ego consciousness of old residue within our egos being cleared.

We need to grow step by step consciously through this Planetary Reboot as the Light of God is victorious and we are that Light of Victory as we approach the next phase of the Ascension Process.

See my recent blog articles on with regard to the Planetary Reboot and Ascension process we are currently experiencing, so I don't need to go through the same information on here.

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