Connecting With Colour As Light Beings

Connecting With Colour As Light Beings

Colour is the aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of light being reflected or emitted by them. To see colour, you have to have light. When light shines on an object some colours bounce off the object and others are absorbed by it. Our eyes only see the colours that are bounced off or reflected. Yet imagine you could see all the colours being omitted by other human beings.

It’s hard to imagine a world without colours, simply because they’re all around us. Have you ever wondered, though, where do colours come from? To answer this question, we first have to understand how human colour perception works and how matter physically interacts with light.

White light is a mixture of all colours, including those that the human eye can’t see. When we say something has colour, what we actually mean is that light of a particular range of wavelengths is reflected more strongly than the light of other wavelengths.

How matter behaves in the presence of light, consequently appearing coloured to us humans, depends on a couple of major factors. First of all — everything is made up of electrons and atoms, but each substance has a different number of atoms and different electron configuration. This way, when light hits matter one or more of the following phenomena happens:

Reflection and Scattering

Most objects reflect light, but some are more reflective than others, like metals. This is directly related to the number of free electrons that are able to pass from atom to atom with ease. Instead of absorbing energy from the light, the free electrons vibrate and the light energy is sent out of the material at the same frequency as the original light coming in.


When there’s no reflection (the object is opaque), then the incoming light source frequency is the same as, or very close to, the vibration frequency of the electrons in the given material. The electrons thus absorb most of the incoming energy, with little or no reflection.


If the incoming light energy is much lower or much higher than that required for the electrons comprising an object to vibrate, then the light source will pass through the material unchanged. This way matter will look transparent to the human eye, such as in the case of glass.


If the energy of the incoming light is the same as the vibration frequency of the electrons in the material, light is able to go deep into the material, and causes small vibrations in the electrons. The vibrations are then passed on from atom to atom, each vibrating at the same frequency as the incoming light source. This makes the light inside the material look bent. Example: a straw in a glass of water.

Standard Observations By Human Beings By simply observing people physically and relying on bodily behaviours or sexual gender, which we all generally use by habit, to discern a person's character, yet these physical cues are limited as they don't truly reflect the mind and spirit of the individual. Our Spiritual Being Of Colour Our third dimensional human body is invoked through our spiritual body. Because people are not taught about their true spiritual embodiment as conscious human beings, most are not aware of the fact that our physical body is encased within a protective sphere, with many levels of vibrational frequencies and complexities of sacred geometry properties, which interact with our higher dimensional existences, as a whole spirit on other higher vibrational dimensions of All That Is. If one only simply saw the spiritual body, it would appear like a ball of white light. White light being the sum of all colours. So within our spiritual body we vibrate on a chakra level individual colour vibrations, which are associated with our emotional body. Just as a prism, if you shine white light through it, it will re fracture all the colours of the rainbow of vibrational colours on the other side. Exercising New Observations When one is conscious of this aspect of our spiritual dimensional human body sphere, one can train oneself to observe the sphere and frequency colours emitting from individuals. It is simply a shift in consciousness. So say you are in a crowded place. Instead of just seeing moving physical bodies, as we have been so accustomed to, as we know no better, now learn to observe each individual moving around in their energetic spherical light body vehicles, which encase their physical bodies. The more you practise this method of seeing the whole, the more it becomes part of your consciousness, and you will tend to observe people this way much more often, until it simply becomes the norm. The advantage being, that so much more can be observed about the mind, body and spiritual aspects being reflected outwardly by any individual. Understand that someone you are observing walking around, is not simply a body. That person is thinking many thoughts, which could be based on present, past or future events, as well as, of positive or negative intent. Present, Past And Future When a person is present in thought, they are far more focused, relaxed and at one with their environment. Their spherical vibrations of colour are in balance, as emotionally they live in the present and generally much more balanced as individuals. When they are past in thought, they are not focused on the present, their minds are distracted by whatever past occurrence has happened Their eyes are looking inwards and upwards, as they are exploring what is recorded in their minds of the past occurrence and not focused on what is actually going on around them. When they are future in thought, again they are not focused on the present, their minds are trying to calculate different scenarios or fixated on one possibility only. Their eyes are generally flicking around and in fear of an unknown response. Recalculating possible responses from others to their thoughts and effectively living in a pretence fantasy, as it is unlikely to be the reality when the scenario actually plays out. All these aspects become much more apparent to sense, as you observe the whole spiritual sphere of an individual, rather than simply the physical body. Auras The other key aspect is the auric vibration, which individuals emit based on their characteristics. Ego and aspects of emotions are directly linked to individuals' chakra centres. So if there is an emotional imbalance relating to their character then the chakra colour associated with it is unbalanced and will emit strongly out of the sphere. For example envy as an emotion, strongly emits a green hue from the heart chakra centre. Body Linked To Mind The body always reacts in response to the mind. So if you move your arm to pick something up, say like a tool, your mind will calculate the response required so your arm responds instinctively to reach out at the right speed and distance, to successfully accomplish the task. Mind Linked To Spirit Behind the mind is ones spirit, which is embedded in the subconscious. In other words the reasoning for picking up the tool in the first place. Is it with good intention? i.e. picking up the tool to create and construct something positive. Or is it with bad negative intention, i.e. to destroy or damage something. Relate To Your Own Being You can also relate this to yourself, as you are a mind body spirit. So be observant of your own sphere, your own body mind and spirit in everything you say and do. Now you have become much more self aware as a high conscious spiritual vibrational light being. That is what a light being is - a conduit electromagnetic field of energy with a conscious sense of self, within a mind body and spirit. Observe Colour Everywhere In order to enhance your capabilities in observing colour within human beings, also practise observing colour in nature. So, maybe one day. focus on a colour of your choosing and observe it within your daily routines, you will observe it everywhere. But what it is training you to do is become one with the vibration of that particular colour. Then the next day pick another colour and repeat the sequence. All these exercises will help you to be far more conscious and observant of everything around you. Realising that everything is a vibration of its own consciousness, not simply what your mind has been taught before in a very simplistic, unaware and unobservant way. Once you grasp the concept and it becomes the norm, then you will be able to explore many more different skills utilising the visualisation of colour frequency energy. For chakra auras readings please visit For spiritual development courses incorporating skills such as above please visit

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