Dark Night Of The Soul

Dark Night Of The Soul

The energies right now and geopolitical situations worldwide are signaling that we are going through the Dark Night Of The Soul. Be grounded, be prepared, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Historical Facts

The Dark Night of the Soul (Spanish: La noche oscura del alma) is a poem written by the 16th-century Spanish mystic and poet St. John of the Cross. The author himself did not give any title to his poem, on which he wrote two book-length commentaries: Ascent of Mount Carmel (Subida del Monte Carmelo) and The Dark Night (Noche Oscura).

In effect it is a time period when darkness and communications crash for a short period of time, some say 10 days. This period is all part of our ascension period.

Current Facts

Political tensions across the world have been so high, with abject propaganda of much mis and dis information being spread across the world via mainstream media. Leading to the majority feeling completely out of control of their lives, as the dark side is pushing their agenda for total control of the planet and all that abide on it.

This fear based propaganda has been very clear to all, who have any essence of awareness and higher consciousness. The level has heightened to such a degree, beyond people's comprehension, they are clearly showing their hand. Leading to more and more of the human population awakening to a critical mass, which has now been reached. So we are at the turning point and in the middle of the greatest battle between good and evil ever experienced in our planetary history.

The Divine light from the Company of Heaven since the Planetary Reboot in October 2020 has been purging all the negativity across the world, bringing it to the surface, for all to see, as to who are the key players on the dark side, who have embedded themselves in positions of power, and our now showing their true colours and intentions.

The Light Forces who have been well prepared for this time, are currently actively taking out the Dark Forces power domains, communication installations and the perpetrators, just as in a master chess game.

Although these actions are not being covered by the mainstream media as they are controlled by the dark forces and are solely spewing out lies and propaganda .just as all dark forces do during times of war.

Current Worldwide Shutdowns

Therefore as it is becoming more and more evident across certain cities and nations across the world, power outages and communications have been occurring on a wide scale. During these shutdowns war is breaking out to take down the power structures of the evil forces.

We The People

This is the major battle for the defense of We The People, our individual sovereign rights as human beings, which have been usurped on a massive scale across the world, in many ways. But the Light Forces have been prepared for battle to defend us and are currently implementing this in real time.

We Are The Light Warriors Of The Hopi Prophecy

Understand we are not simply defenseless pawns for slaughter within this process. We have individually come here on to this planet to participate in defending our planet from tyranny, in our own special way. We are Light beings of immense individual power if only we realise and trust it. This process is all part of our awakening, collective consciousness awakening and ascension process.

We must use our individual power of internal Divine Light from our heart, effectively right now, as the light warriors of the Hopi Prophecy.

I have written many blog articles on the ascension process and our "I Am Presence". to assist you in understanding our inner power and what we can do to shift the consciousness of human kind in bringing us out of this "Dark Night Of The Soul" time period, unscathed and bring Divine Light to all.

Remember we cannot control from without, but we can control within ourselves. Do not fall into the Dark Forces trap of fear, Be strong, Be Love and Light. Light always overcomes the darkness and lets all enter the New Age Of Aquarius which has now come upon us. Namaste.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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