Do As You Say

Do As You Say

When I analyse what has been going wrong in my endeavours and that of others, as well as the larger picture of communities, nations and the world. I've considered what is the most influential overriding reason for failure for them all. My conclusion is that the number one issue is "People do not do as they say". Principles Whether the principle of "Do as one says" has always been with me or I have learnt it on the way, I'm not sure. What I do know since I recall I have always abided by it. What I say is a reflection of my mind, body and spirit and therefore, if I don't act upon what I say, then clearly I am out of balance. Both energies of saying and doing are not in parallel. It's about integrity. If I cannot do something, then either I don't say it or explain that I can't and why I can't. I do not allow my ego to drive what I say to impress, or misguide. Personally I cannot see the benefit of otherwise. If I don't do as I say, I let people down, I give false impressions of myself and I effectively destroy whatever we were planning on building together. I cannot for the life of me see any value in that. Yet I witness it all the time, both in personal, work, business relationships and within communities, nations and the world in general.

Why Has This Happened? What is it that has led so many down this path? How blind are they to what they are falsely achieving and actually destroying. Is it because our society in general from top to bottom, acts in this way of "saying whatever and then not doing it". Because we hear politicians, leaders, CEO's, managers, marketeers acting in this way with impunity. Has it become the norm? Do people under them consider this is the right way to act in order to get what they want, regardless of the consequences? Maybe in people's eyes it doesn' t matter. The short term gain is far more important than the long term aim to benefit all around you, i.e. ones own community, however large or small, which in turn you actually live in. Yet often interestingly enough many blame all around them for things going on, which they view as wrong, however, being completely oblivious to the fact that they are an important reason for that demise. Consider Your Words And Actions Are Aligned Please consider carefully what you say. Does it match with what you actually do? Or do you have an alternative motive? Is that motive solely to benefit you, your friends and family or your community. What is more important to you? The short term illusionary gain or the long term constructive real gain for you and your community.

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