Do Your Research

Do Your Research

Having lived through many different political, natural, medical and war scenarios, in different parts of the world. It has opened my eyes as to how people are so easily manipulated by what the current trend is within their own locality. Mindlessly believing what is being told to them and not even questioning it.

Please don't just listen to your local media or gossip, wherever you are in the world and simply react out of fear.

Do your research, enlighten yourself. It’s better to know than to assume. Then make a qualified decision!!

Look around you. Is what you are being told actually happening in your area?

Ask your friends in other locations, what they are actually seeing in their area. The Internet can inform, misinform or dis inform, depending on who is putting out the information and their motives for doing so. But your social media friends are there on the ground level. If you trust their judgement then listen, if you don't then don't entertain it.

The rules I always keep if I'm listening to a point of view or report on the media are:-

1) Is the person providing the information, actually endorsing it with their own name; what facts are they providing to back up their claims; or are they simply stating things with no back up or research, and simply scaremongering or putting out mind controlled disinformation in complaince with the local political party line, to the detriment of humanity?

2) Is the person, despite all the potential dangers, attempting to find out the real truth and provide to others real information as best they can,? Are they doing it for the right reasons, i.e. for the good of humanity?

3) Have the humility to tell yourself that you may have it wrong, and that you have the right and ability to change your thoughts and actions accordingly, and not simply continue, simply because it is the local political or communal agenda, and your fear of non conformity determines your thoughts and actions.

4) What does your heart tell you? Your mind can be easily manipulated, because it is based on duality and a lower vibration. Whilst your heart is singularity, a direct connection to your higher self. and truth.

Michael J Robey

Psychic.Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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