Duality And Singularity

Duality And Singularity

When you begin to look into ancient cultures around the world, no matter where they are, they are all discussing the one story.

That is there is nothing new under the sun. Everything has been created and we have always been here. We are either living eternally, because we are doing the work, we have oil in your lamp, we are ascending ourselves. Or we are not, and we are just going round and round and round the same story over and over, again and again.

The Eternal Wheel

Those of us that have been around the wheel millions of times, and will continue to go round and round, until we get it right. So life is a choice folks and you need to wrap your mind around that.

Dark To Light

When you begin to look into the deep esoteric, which is simply all ancient knowledge, and into the occult, which simply means hidden, which we need to bring out from the dark to light. This is what it is all about - dark to light.

Principles of Singularity and Duality

So what you learn is that basically there are two principles that are above all else. These are, Singularity and Duality, and that explains the Old Testament of the Bible and the virtually ancient texts of all other major ancient spiritual writings.

Singularity of Consciousness

That in the beginning we existed in a non physical, incorporeal, essential form, which was mere consciousness. Whatever consciousness is, on a minute level of one or part of the whole, that is what we originally came from.

In pure consciousness, there are no five physical senses, as per in the third dimension, we currently exist on. In the higher realms, for example, you don't need hands to touch and love somebody. As you are one with them, you are simply consciously connected with them. So you simply send the positive energy of love to them and they receive it.

That is the essential realm of Singularity of God in Heaven. and we were all there originally.

Duality of Consciousness

At a certain point we choose to take the path of independent thought and existence by ourselves. This is all about The Tree of Life (and the Garden of Eden), versus The Tree Of Knowledge of Good And Evil.

The Tree Of Knowledge of Good And Evil is your left brain, which brings your consciousness down the vibrational levels of existence, to experience them in Duality. That is where our journey came from (Singularity) and went to (Duality).

Return Journey to Singularity

Whilst The Tree of Life is your right brain, which brings you back to God, through the development of your higher consciousness returning back into Singularity, from where you once came from. That is where our journey of return is.

It is therefore the journey of Humankind is to go back from (Duality) and return to (Singularity).

In Christ Consciousness Terms

From Jesus Christ, representing the journey down the levels of consciousness from Singularity to Duality.

To Christ Jesus, representing the return journey back upwards, through the levels of consciousness from Duality to Singularity.

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