Earth's Planetary Reboot Process

Earth's Planetary Reboot Process

Planet Earth, our galaxy and the universe have been going through the Light of God's transitional timeline in our Ascension Process, known as the Planetary Reboot, taking place now in October 2020. This is a cosmic moment, as it is an essential activity of light to assist this planet and all her life to take a quantum shift into the magnificent heart based patterns of the crystalline fifth dimensional fields of the new Earth. For eons of time and certainly greatly perpetuated through the last several decades our awareness to pay attention to these momentous evolutionary steps in our consciousness and higher dimensional existence, have increased. Cosmic Moments Come And Cosmic Moments Go

The entire universe.of all creation is focusing it's activities of light and in various ways of expanding the Kingdom of Heaven throughout creation. Influxes of light are bathing the Earth and flowing through our planetary grid of transfiguring divine love. ,

Our Human Participation In order for them to tangibly manifest in the world of form, they have to be breathed through the Divinity of the heart flame of someone abiding in the physical plane, and then breathe out that light into the outerworld. Making it available for all life evolving on this planet. We Are One, and so those of us in the physical plane who offered ourselves, as surrogates light workers, to be the open door on behalf of humanity, we made this glorious light available for every man, woman and child. This is why it is said that "God needs a body". So the call for assistance must come from the realm where the assistance is needed. So through the genuine heart efforts by every surrogate light workers on Planet Earth, through the Planetary Reboot, literally miracles have been taking place through the earthly bodies and physical plane on Planet Earth, Duality to Singularity The "I Am Presence" of every man, woman and child, which has integrated more intensely now, has been able to balance the left and right brain hemispheres, the duality of masculine and feminine polarities within our heart flame, activating to new breadths our spiritual brain centres, awakening our crown chakra of enlightenment, allowing the Christ Consciousness, that state of enlightenment ,that we were invested with at our inception to flow from our I Am Presence through our pineal gland and into our heart flame into singularity consciousness.. Fifth Dimensional Vibrational Frequencies As these activities of light have accelerated our earthly bodies have also been raised up in energy vibration and consciousness.We are now vibrating at our highest level of a fifth dimensional frequency of crystalline light than ever before to experience, since prior to the fall of humanity, eons ago. Transmuting Violet Flame The intense activity of the transmuting violet flame of light, that we have been able to use through these new crystalline solar bodies, have created a quantum purging throughout the psychic and physical realms on Planet Earth.

Purging And Cleansing Negative Energies When we began this Planetary Reboot the dense frequencies of humanities mis creations that had been pushed to the surface of the Earth to be transmuted back into the light, had a consistency of black dark sticky tar. Throughout the purging and cleansing which has now taken place, these negative energies have now been transformed into a veil of light that is in the process of being lifted and completed in transmutation. Higher Levels Of Consciousness

This has allowed us all to move into a higher level of consciousness, which is another facet of this essential reboot, critical for our Earth's Ascension process. This activity of light is creating an energy shift, allowing all of the "I Am Presence" of every person to raise their consciousness into a higher frequency of divine enlightenment.

This facet of light activity has literally lifted humanity above the quagmire of our human mis creations,.allowing us again to perceive the light in greatly intensified ways. Allowing our " I Am Presence '' to more tangibly communicate through our though actions and feelings which revibrate as an inner knowing of the divinity of our heart flame, enabling us to progress to the next step of the Divine Plan of Earth's Ascension. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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