Fear Blaming

Fear Blaming

Over the eons have we as humans not learnt our lesson?? Why do we as human beings fall every time for mass propaganda through whatever means of media is available?

Every time there is a crisis the mainstream media make outrageous claims of blanket responsibility for that specific crisis on a particular country, religious group or race. "Oh It's the Chinese, it's the Syrians, it's the Arabs, it's the Jews, it's the British, it's the Americans" and on and on it goes.

Think about it!! What is the purpose of this blanket fear blaming? What actual evidence or credibility is there within their outrageous claims. Often very little. Yet time and again mind controlled populations believe them.

Why??? Because it is brainless mentality and easy to focus ones fear, without having to question it. That's why!

Fear Blame Becomes Infectious

The issue is that this mindlessness becomes infectious and in no time the myth becomes a reality as word spreads fast, if it is continuously being bombarded by the mainstream media.

Now just sit back a minute and think! Use your intuition and common sense for a change.

Someone you know, who has no knowledge or insight of the real facts, or from the local TV news channel, who is constantly churning out fear campaigns, mentions "It's the Chinese!" enough times, it is going to register with you as a point of blame very quickly. So now the myth has become a reality. "Its the Chinese!!! ". Without no basis of fact or research quite simply fear mongering.

So now a Chinese family down your road, is living in fear, because everyone thinks they are the bogeyman! Its all their fault!!!

Now The Fear Blame Campaign Falls On You

Now think of it this way. What nationality are you? Where were you born? What passport or ID do you carry? This is a mark of an identity given to you from birth. Like it is stamped on your forehead or pinned on your clothing. It is not you!!! You are a human being with an experience, a culture, an understanding and upbringing.

Just as the Nazi regime did in the 1930's against the Jews and other indigenous races across Europe. Which led to world war and the extermination of over six million Jews and countless other races. Or the slaughter of the Native American people in the 1700's, the African indigenous people in the 1800's.

The list of mass indigenous, imprisonment, slavery, repatriation, exclusion, basic civil rights violations and eventual extermination over the eons is endless. Becuase of the very same fear mongering and fear blame being orchestrated.

Yet at some point a crisis will happen and your particular race, or nationality will be blamed for it, for political consequences by the very same mind controlling elite using their media machine to churn out the latest fear campaign.

Now your life will change because of it immeasurably. As now the focus of the fear is on you. Not because of your personality or what you actually do, your belief system, or what is right or wrong to you, but because of the way: you look; your skin tone; your language; your customs; your passport.

Now you feel the pain, the anguish, the false hatred of other mindless people blaming you for the current wrong doing on the planet.

Learn Your Lesson

But do you learn your lesson? Do you pass on your wisdom or experience to your children? NO ! This is what amazes me most. Those who have suffered so greatly in past wars, suffered from ill treatment, imprisonment, extermination because of their race, colour or nationality.

What do they do in the next crisis which is not focused on them? They join in like sheep blaming some other race, colour or nationality, because everyone else is doing it! What the hell! Wake up guys!! For the love of God and humanity as a whole, stop being manipulated!!

See The Bigger Picture

Please understand that this mindset control has been perpetrated by the true hidden rulers of the world, to create chaos and panic.

They orchestrate situations, often using some poor patsy, which in turn creates mass hysteria and fear. Then they orchestrate the lie, via their media controlled outlets, to put the blame on a specific race, culture, gender or religious sect.

This method has instigated so much fear and eventual war, that people on both sides blindly sign up to.

Next thing you know two opposing forces are at war, creating huge wealth opportunities for the originating perpetrators of the situation, and more often than not, they fund and support both sides of the dispute, because trillion dollar military contracts are suddenly being sanctioned by the Governments out of fear.

"Problem, Reaction, Solution."

This is the key! Create a problem, cause a reaction and offer a solution. Whilst all the time running out ones own pre-planned control systems on the unsuspecting mindless population.

Do Your Research

Please do your research! Do not follow the mass hysteria. One day the focus will be on you because of your race, gender, or nationality. And you will experience personally the insanity of fear blaming.

Save humankind and this planet from this madness. Let us evolve and create a positive tolerant world in peace with each other, acknowledge diversity of culture, not destroy them out mind controlled fear.

Michael J Robey Psychic.Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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