Focus On Love And Light

Focus On Love And Light

"Focus On What Is Going On With Love In The World! And The Darkness Will Dissipate? "

This is our power as individually created Human and Light Beings.

And the only way to defeat Darkness is by Light.

However, much of the dark side followers, pursues their policies, of creating a living nightmare for the whole world population. Simply so that they can control, for their own selfish reasons.

Universal Law

Remember it is Universal Law - the negative energy of fear will always be diverted by positive energy of love. Love shines over Fear.

It is how the Universe created itself - into millions, trillions, zillions and to infinity. Splitting itself into two, over and over, exponentially. Each new creation of both aspects, love and fear, sent in two different directions, to explore, learn. experiencing all it faces. Maybe at some point in time and space, revisiting itself, with all this new knoweldge.

The Ultimate Learning Process To Obtain One's Highest Self Of Existence

Yet the ultimate to learn is - What is "good and bad" ? What is "positive and negative" ? What is "love and fear" ? Throughout its initiation, journey and final outcome.

Then and only then, can one evolve from this knowledge. Only then, an awakened and conscious soul, can make the choice, as a newly evolved being, decide for itself, what it creates. BUT......

Is It Out Of Love Or Fear? "Love or Fear?" - That is the free choice of direction, within any conscious being's: actions; thoughts; throughout the journey of knowledge, with an ultimate aim of its spiritual journey. Your conscious decision of choosing "love or fear", as the driving force of your energy and vibration, is based on, and directly influences, either:

a) the eventual destruction of humanity

or b) the evolution of humanity to a higher level of existence, within a unified vibrational field of love and peace for eternity. Which does your heart inform you vibrationally?, is the right path for you? Have you experienced all there is to know, which enables you to advance to a higher vibrational existence right now, and go with the flow of Mothers Ascension. Or is there still work for you to do, in order to create full balance within yourself. Adjust consciously body mind and spirit coordination within your whole, so you can sway back from the negative vibration of fear, and steer towards the positive vibration of love. The Choice Is Yours The choice is yours. But more importantly, ask yourself honestly - " Q- Does it simply benefit me in the short term? or Q- Does it not only benefit me, but all around me as far as my positive vibrational frequency reaches?

How Does Love Or Fear Manifests Itself In Our Reality? Love - Is a Golden light extending in all directions from your light being spirit, clearing all to its full brightness on its way. Fear - Is a cloud of darkness, slowly but surely extending out exponentially , covering the light with confusion, poisoned and ultimately destroying all around and swallowing it up, like a black hole.

Your Decision Whatever you decide has an important role to play. Whether you fully understand, care and put your efforts to.

"One In A Billion" or "A Billion Of Ones" When the billions of currently existing conscious beings, on Planet Earth, realise that as "one of a billion" of restricted and mind controlled beings, may be very small effectual change can come from you.

However, what if one decided and understood that - of every "one of a those billion" realised that it could also be a "Billion of One's". One deciding to take the journey of Love. Showing by its very presence of light, to others. Slowly but surely the world will light up with tens, thousands, millions , and trillions enlightened souls. In line with Mother Earth's developing vibration of Ascended Love.

Ascension Both Mother Earth and those awakened souls, are transitioning through Ascension to a higher vibrational living existence of a higher dimension. Joining the already expanding existing higher dimensional beings within the Universe.

The vibration of enlightened Human Beings, transmuting with Mother Earth, it's Solar system, it's Galaxy, it's Super Galaxy and it's Universe. To create Golden Light spreading across the whole Universe. This is the end game!

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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