Free Speech And Free Will

Free Speech And Free Will

In a world in which information is transmitted and received online via designated platforms across our planet has left the population of individuals in a state of flux.

The power of free v. false speech, accurate. unbiased information v. biased disinformation and misinformation. has reached its peak to a point where one major piece of information can be relayed worldwide, in a very short period of time, influencing millions of people's opinions and changing their concepts of what is true or false.

The Conscious Evolution Of Mankind

The conscious evolution of humankind is based on communication. We have evolved from communicating from simple drawings in caves; to developing; speech in different dialects and languages; various alphabets to enable us to write on scrolls, parchments then paper; developed printing presses to print newspapers, posters to pass on larger amounts of news adverts and information to our local communities, national and worldwide; we then developed telecommunications to pass on voice and digital information directly to other individuals of our choice; then came the full digital information age, where the world of information opened up over the world wide web, where we could transmit and receive vasts amount of information, money, videos, music etc to a worldwide audience at the press of a button.

Information Is A Tool

Information has become the most powerful tool on Planet Earth, influencing our thoughts, our beliefs, our desires, our fashion, and most importantly, our understanding of ourselves, the world. our planet, our solar system and the universe.

This very concept has led the most powerful in the world to do whatever they could to control the narrative in their favour. Over the years most of the population were duly unaware of this power over them.

Subconscious Programming

The subconscious programs being instilled in our minds from an early age, limiting our capabilities to make sound judgements for ourselves and understand our own full potentials.

Instead we have become such controlled beings by a system which has developed so far that it is now controlled by highly sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence. Now our decisions, our speech, our communications are completely monitored by them, in so many ways.

If the narrative we use doesn't fit with what has been programmed then we are effectively shut down. That ranges not just from what we can think and say, but to restriction of our lifestyles, our access to our own accumulated wealth, our homes and where and when we can travel.

The process towards total domination has been progressive over the last 50 years or so. In some countries, such as China and North Korea, the domination is so overwhelming, people's lives have simply become robotic, as freedom of speech, will and movement are highly restricted, and you simply become deleted and disappeared if you don't comply. This is where the controllers of this world want for the rest of the human population.

Doom and gloom for sure. We have witnessed more and more over the last year, and starting to see reality becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives.

Light Prevails Over Darkness

Yet Light always prevails over dark. This oppression has become so prevalent that it is waking up inside every human, the thought of 'What Is Going On Here?" They are waking up effectively individually and now finally seeing the light between the cracks of the quagmire of mis and disinformation that they have been subjected to all their lives, and their inability to stand up and speak for themselves.

Planetary Reboot

Whether people are aware or not we are currently being greatly assisted from off planet and from higher dimensions, through a Planetary Reboot, with positive benevolent violet light frequencies, which is clearing all the elemental kingdom of our now broken planet, lifting up and discarding the AI black goo of immense controlling power, which has buried itself destroying our planet.

DNA Activation

In addition the transmuting light which is actual divine information, is changing our individual human DNA structure, from a limiting two stranded helix formation into a twelve strand crystalline solar body formation. This transition is immense as we the individual humans are beginning to understand our full evolved potential and break free from the subconscious programs we have been subjected to over eons.

Purging Of The Controllers

The controllers are being forced out, arrested and hauled in front of Judicial Senates, bit by bit finally over the last year of 2020. Having to explain their reasoning for creating such a system of control of information and complete suppression of free speech and free will across the world, which has led to the demise of our Planet in so many ways. As they truly believed themselves as the Gods of the Earth where we the people were simply their slaves to be played with, manipulated, dumb down and destroyed at their whim and command.

Just investigate deeper and you will see clear evidence of this process happening right now!

This purging needed to take place. All part of a Divine Plan to bring peace and prosperity to the whole world, not just for a select few bloodline families who believed they had a higher destiny than us all. Because they knew of our potential as evolved human beings and feared us the most, so they suppressed us in every way possible.

Darkness Ended By Divine Light

But this suppression is coming to an end. Not through darkness, lies, wars and negative destruction. But through Divine Light. truth, peace and positive creation. This is the turning point right now light warriors!

We have now entered into the spiritual age of our evolution. Be aware of it and become part of it, in any shape or form, which will awaken you and your fellow human beings, not in a suppressive way like the old ways, but in a peaceful, loving and enlightened way of a new higher dimensional civilisation.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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