How Do We Communicate With Spirit Beings

How Do We Communicate With Spirit Beings?

It's a big question and an understanding beyond most people's ability, because of conditioning. Yet the answer is within you as multi dimensional human beings.

Multi Dimensional Human Beings You as a human being and a spiritual multi dimensional being, did not come to this earth and third dimension for no reason. Your spirit descended from a higher dimensional vibration to experience this third dimensional existence for a specific lifetime and will leave this third dimension at the end of it, returning to a higher vibrational dimensional existence, from where your spirit once came.

Multi Dimensional Communication So those spirits on a higher vibrational existence can connect with whomever they choose on a third dimensional vibration and to communicate directly with you, as a third dimensional living being on this Earth. All communication is simply a vibration. That vibration can transcend through all dimensions. The focal energy of the vibration, which the spirit focuses on, i.e the outcome to whom the spirit wishes to communicate with, travels through the dimensional vibrations.

Three Dimensional Space In simple terms, so one can have an understanding, imagine a three dimensional space or room, which is equally divided into three dimensional boxes, vertically and horizontally. So now the room is filled with these boxes. Now within the boxes the same again is duplicated into infinity. So now the three dimensional space or room is filled with intricate minute small boxes, as small as atoms, all interconnected. The vibrational / frequential energy of communication starts from point A (the existence of a spiritual body), in a direct line to point B (the existence of a spiritual body the other wishes to communicate with).

Multi Dimensional Space Now extend this thought to having rooms within rooms. In other words, dimensions within dimensions. Each dimension are simply existing on a higher frequential vibration from each other. Yet still in the same multi dimensional space. Now the same concept applies; The vibrational / frequential energy of communication starts from point A ( the existence of a spiritual body), in a direct line to point B (the existence of a spiritual body the other wishes to communicate with). But this time point A is on a higher vibrational dimension from point B within the overall box of the room or space.

Perception, Awareness And Conscious Choice Once you perceive the concept, increasing your awareness, you can make a conscious choice to interact with it. So at point A, you communicate within your thought, focus the energy of attention to whomever or wherever you decide to point B within the inter dimensional of infinite atom sized boxes in an interdimensional room or space.

Letting Go And Trust One has to let go of the doubt of it and trust to experience the communication and practice both the giving and receiving of the communication.

The concept of a telephone or mobile to communicate across the radio waves or binary systems, becomes far more outreaching. Remember before we had telephones or mobiles, humanity had no concept of what they could achieve, which we now take for granted.

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