How To Ground Yourself

How To Ground Yourself

Grounding is centering your soul in your body. It's bringing yourself back down to earth. It's having a really good grip on yourself, your body, your thoughts and emotions. There are many many ways to ground yourself, including:

  • barefoot in nature

  • dancing

  • holding your balance in a tram or metro without using supports

  • using essential oils

  • gardening

  • swimming

  • exercising

If you notice all of these activities bring you into the moment , This is a very important aspect to grounding. If your mind is elsewhere than the activity you are doing, you are not centred or grounded quite simply. Grounding is, of course, very important when you do psychic or mediumship work. When you've been working with spirit you can tip your scales with an excess of spiritual energy. This can leave you feeling spaced out, ungrounded and not quite fully in your body. Physical grounding comes in very handy here and involves taking actions that bring you back in touch with your body, re-balance your physical and spiritual energies and bring yourself back down to earth.

Methods To Ground Yourself

Some great ways to ground yourself include:

  • Standing firmly on the ground and visualising roots growing out of the bottom of your feet deep into the earth

  • Feel your body relax and sink into the chair yet well poised and alert.

  • Feeling yourself in your body by rigorously tapping and/or messaging areas like underside of your arms, legs, buttocks, thighs and calves

  • Engaging in physical actions such as yoga stretches, wiggling your body all over or dancing

  • Cooking, gardening or doing any kind of creative activity that requires manual work and physicality that will bring you down to earth

  • Bringing awareness to where you feel any discomfort or tension in your body and then working to alleviate that through relaxation and energy healing

  • Stand with your feel planted firmly on the ground while visualising roots growing from the bottom of your feet deep into the earth.

  • Drop your arms, shake your hands as thought you have water energy dripping off your fingers

  • Visualise your Hara (sacral chakra) and move from your hips, feel tall , look in the direction you are going, and walk with purpose yet relaxed.

It is good practise to engage in grounding and smudging with sage after you have done any work with the energy fields of others or with spirit. You can also do this any time that you feel spaced out, shaky, weak in your energy, not in the present, out of your body or generally out of balance. These two steps are so simple that they can be done anywhere at anytime. You may need to ground myself before you go into a large public shopping space. busy public transport areas, starting work, or some occasion which may bring anxiety to you (i.e interviews). As you can easily get caught up in the whirl of energies around you, quickly lose focus, anxious, become dizzy and confused. So before you go into this kind of space do any of the above visualisations. Think about where, when and with whom you tend to feel ungrounded and resolve to do these simple grounding steps before going to these places or being with the people around whom you feel off balance.

Soul Grounding:

Soul grounding is all about knowing who you are and feeling confident and centred in that knowing. It is about grounding your timeless, eternal soul into your life. You do this by developing positive habits that honour your spirit and bolster your positive energy, so that you are able to send positive energy out and receive it back from spirit, those around you and the rest of the world while, at the same time, being all that you came here to be and honouring your unique path in this life. Soul grounding is the most important kind of grounding that there is. The more that you focus and commit to this type of grounding, the less you eventually need to practise the physical grounding techniques as described above. Why? Because you'll eventually reside regularly in a natural state of groundedness. Soul grounding focuses on: Living and loving in a healthy, balanced manner. Letting go of worry, pettiness, envy and other spirit sucking, life wasting, diminishing energies. Letting go of negative attachments. Replacing negative habits and thoughts with constructive and positive ones. When we become entangled in negative attachments, worry, envy and less than positive thoughts and habits we riddle ourselves both physically and spiritually with excess negative energy. This causes us to become ungrounded and disconnected from our souls and all that is good for us on our path

Principles Of Soul Grounding

Soul grounding involves bringing present moment awareness and vigilance to these five guiding principles in your life and practising them daily: 1. Living in your truth and being honest to both yourself and others. 2. Getting to know your own spirit and allowing your spirit’s voice to express itself in your life 3. Spending time with others who lift your spirit and encourage you to be who you are. 4. Letting go of relationships and connections that drain your energy or do not serve your spirit or path in the highest and best way. 5. Replacing worry, judgement, jealousy and feelings of lack or scarcity with trust, acceptance and gratitude for the abundance in your life. When you bring your awareness constantly back to doing these five things you build up the positive energy in your life that fortifies and supports you and contributes positively to others around you. When you focus on bolstering your positive energy you become impermeable to the negative. When you get to know yourself, you are grounded in the best possible way that you can be. There is not a thing that can shake you from the truth of who you are. By choosing to live consciously and authentically, honouring the calling of your soul, getting to know your own spirit, living in your truth (even in the face of everything that the world might toss at you) and putting positive energy out into the world, means that you are always coming back to you.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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