How To Outsmart The Dark Forces

How To Outsmart The Dark Forces

One of the ways to win a war is to understand the enemy to outsmart it. Like chess you need to be strategic, tactical and two steps ahead.

Sting Operation

There is a major sting operation underway right now. The light side leaders of humanity had put in plans a long time ago, which they were not able to fully expose at the time of being implemented. So they could handle anything that is thrown at them during these tumultuous times and put the chess pieces in the right places and be two three steps ahead.

Just In a chess game scenario with many pieces to play, the light side had to know when to play wisely and how to counteract the tactics the dark side is going to play. The dark side's overall tactical written agenda is full control. So every move the dark side plays the light side needs to work out the counteracting move and outsmart it.

The Power Of The Light Side

What the light side has within its power is the spirit realm, the galactic, benevolence, humanity, love, nature, earth and consciousness, That power is so much bigger than all the dark side is trying to put into reversal. Such as gaining power through trickery, abuse, deception, psychological hidden projects and operations, geared to mess with our minds, to hook us in so we literally become consumed by it.

Obviously that will never win in the end, but the dark side is doing everything they can to delay the inevitable, trying to make us miserable in the process. They will do everything that they can to push us into a corner of a compromised position. So we become more enslaved by techonoligal weaponry such as artificial intelligence, electromagnetic field radiation and enforced.vaccinations.

A Move To Safety And Creation

However naturally the human conscious desire for light and truth will move them to somewhere else for safety. For example where social and mainstream media, which has been completely controlled that no longer allows free speech and shutting people down for expressing their views, producing mind controlled programs, narratives, music and films.

However, inevitably it eventually enlightens the light side that it needs to create its own social platforms and media which provides free speech, holistic health, music higher vibrational music, literature, shows, documentaries and films.

The Power Of A Holistic Way Of Living

Overall humans are consciously awakening and learning more about their own power of mind, body and spirit, as well as nature and our own planetary needs, which is driving us towards a more holistic way of living.

You cannot stop love and truth. The dark side cannot not win and its misdemeanors will catch up on them. We need to step up by participating in nature, holistic remedies, quality food, clean water, communal projects, eco projects and improving ourselves from within spirituality and holistically.

We must not allow the negative outer forces influence our individual minds, body and spirit. We have to go within ourselves and increase our conscious vibrational frequency to change our world. We have to work as a collective and create a new civilization, where choices and opportunities are expansive and diverse to eventually become the norm.

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