I Am Presence

I Am Presence

The divinity within each of us is known as the 'I Am Presence'. We may have called it by many different descriptions, such as, our higher self, our God self, our Christ Consciousness etc, but knowing it is a higher power within us. Our "I Am Presence" is asking us to transcend the outer world chaos and to ascend in consciousness into the harmony and balance of the 5D frequencies of the new Earth we are transcending into at this moment in our human evolution.

All That Is

It is very important to familiarise ourselves with our "I Am Presence" identity, as it is an essential part of our ability to connect directly with Father Mother God, All That is. The Father Mother God are the magnificent force field beings of light, that envelopes every facet and every wave of light within the whole of creation. Every facet of life which lives, moves and breathes within this all encompassing All That Is. When we say 'I Am My I Am Presence", it is a code word which connects us instantaneously with the part of us which is directly created in God's image and connects us to the source that is All That Is.

I Am That I Am

Remember when Moses asked the burning bush "Who are you?, the response was" I Am That I Am, I mm Alpha, I am Omega, I am the beginning and I am the ending ".

"I" represents Alpha, the masculine of Our Father God, "Am" represents Omega, the feminine Aspect of Our Mother God.

The name "I Am" are considered the name of God, they mean that Our Father Mother God are the beginning and ending of All That Is.

Our "I Am Presence" has been patiently awaiting our remembrance of this, through the aspect of truth. At long last becoming One with the part of ourselves that knows we are One with our Father Mother God. We have always been One with our Father Mother God We just lost awareness of that fact that when we buried ourselves dense human human miscreation and lost our ability to communicate with our higher consciousness and our I Am Presence"/

We just need to acknowledge our "I Am Presence" exists and accept the fact that our "I Am Presence" is who we actually are, as a beloved Son and Daughter of God.

This is not a complicated task, it simply involves a slight adjustment in our awareness. All we need to do is say "I Am My I Am Presence" and then ask for us to be guided intuitively into that awareness, which is our true God self.

We Are One

"We are One" is a profound truth, When we invoke our "I Am My I Am Presence" with the " I Am Presence" of every man, woman and child on Earth, there is a tremendous influx of light and shift from our "I Am Presence" which is received by all other "I Am Presence" of the collective family of every person within our planet. This is accomplished because "We are One" and there is no separation.

Legions Of Light

There are currently Legions of Light from all creation gathered in a magnificent amphitheatre encircling this planet projecting their Love and Light into the atmosphere of Earth. That love and light cannot be experienced in the physical plane unless we humans magnetise the divinity of our 'I Am Presence' through our own Heart Flame.

The Universal Law

The Universal Law is that the call for assistance must come from the realm where the assistance is needed. So even though that: Light is flowing into the atmosphere of Earth, if those of us in the physical plane do not receive and breathe that Light it is not available to us to utilise in our own life or for the masses. In other words we have to ask for it consciously for us to benefit from it. This radiant light will then blaze through every person's heart flame, creating the frequency of light in the outer world. This Light acts as a fluid field of unmanifest divine potential, upon which the new patterns for this Planetary Reboot are going to be encoded on behalf of every man, woman and child belonging to or serving the Earth at this time, whether or not they are in or out of embodiment. In addition the entire elemental kingdom of Earth and all the divine intelligence associated with the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies of humanity and the air, the water, the earth, the fire and ether elements of the planet, as well as the magnificence of Mother Earth herself that embraces all life evolving on this planet. We are being called for this service which we have been preparing for literally lifetimes. We were born for this moment. This is a critical and essential phase in the Ascension process of Earth. The legions of light are holding us in the full gratitude of divine love for our willingness to serve as a surrogate on behalf of humanity. Those of us who are consciously aware and work with our "I Am Presence" connecting ourselves and all those "I Am Presence" entities living on this planet and participating through our willingness to serve in this process, are the key to opening the door of the fulfilment of this facet of the Planetary Reboot of this Divine Plan.

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