It Is Time To Perform At Your Finest

It Is Time To Perform At Your Finest

We are going through a Planetary Reboot and all kinds of negativity could be deployed against you right now. However we are all going through this together. So it is important to know that this time period will pass for all of us. So you need to perform at your finest as this is a test of your resilience. You might have been isolated from your normal activities and contacts in daily life, your family, workmates and friends and feel alone. So you need to be strong and manage this with the power of resilience. You just need to keep going and be a warrior at this time. Focus your Ki (chi) energy flowing through you. You need to harness resiliency, as the time is what it is. Obstacles will be in the way, so disconnect from them.. As you are not in control of the outside situation, but are in control of yourself and can go through these obstacles. All of our journeys are different but we are all experiencing this same situation within our own individual journeys. You have to connect to source energy and have to disconnect from the matrix, as they are casting major spells right now. Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. This is the power of the light and higher human consciousness in order to go through our human evolutionary journey. Those who are able to evolve and harness the power of resilience and go with the flow. You may not be able to do the things were accustomed to. So find a different way, don't just think in terms of what you have not, but how you can adapt to new simpler things to create and do. It is clear that there are two overriding frequencies right now on our planet, which is love or fear. You choose which frequency to vibrate at and want to follow, as everyone else has to as well. Even though the whole population is experiencing massive change and stressful times individually. We still have a choice as to either get caught up in the illusion of it which is being orchestrated by those who wish to destroy us. Or find our power of resilience within ourselves and follow our own path of love, peace and light. The Earth is cleansing itself of all the darkness and matrix control which we have been exposed to for eons. So be the light and free of control within your spirit. Just as a swamp needs to be cleansed but the purity remains within the water during the process.

Keep moving, keep your energy and body flowing. Be mind, body spirit coordinated. Be in tune with nature, and the resonance of Mother Earth. Be and flow like pure water in a stream, within your mind, body and spirit. Avoid and go through the obstacles which you face and see them simply as sticks in a dam, which just needs to be removed, to keep the flow going. The cleansing of our Mother Earth is happening right now, with Divine Light . This is light encircling us all and entering into us in order to evolve us all from a 3D physical existence to a 5D crystalline solar light body. So the shake up is immense but you just simply have to go with the flow and stay focused on your own spiritual path. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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