Leaking Out Our Own Energy

Leaking Out Our Own Energy

We engage with other external energies everyday and moment outside of ourselves, Whether that is in our personal life, friendships ,work environment, leisure time, watching or listening to news on TV, engaging in social media posts or discussions on chat Yet often if we allow these energies pull out of us like a leakage our own internal energy.

Our Toroidal Energetic Field

We have an toroidal energetic field around our physical body. which protects us. Imagine it just like a bubble which your physical body is within, so the bubble is like your own vehicle which you travel with around your bodies everyday. Many times what happens to us is a hole opens up from our own toroidal energetic field, and our energy gets pulled into whatever we are focusing on. whether it is, a person, an occurrence, news, a social media post etc.

Becoming Off Balance

It is like we are taking on the energy of that experience, negatively or positively. Then perhaps buy into it, or believe it is ours. When all these external energies are being pulled in many different directions we become off centre, off balance and out of alignment. We are no longer mind, body, spirit coordinated, which is our own internal balance, stability and power from within.

Looking Externally For Rebalancing

Then we look to the external to bring us back to alignment, whether it be from friends, relationships, social media or mainstream media.. It is what we have experienced in the energetic world to date.

Seal Up The Leaking Holes

But what we need to learn right now, is how to seal up these energy leaking holes. Yet still be able to observe outside of ourselves, what we are experiencing, without leaking our energy towards them from our own toroidal energetic field around our physical body.

Know Yourself

We have to be firm in our light. Know our own truth. Know our own knowingness, Not what someone is telling us or believes. But what our own inner energetic knowingness from our heart is informing us. So our own energy is no longer leaking out, no matter what is happening externally. So we are retaining and growing within our own sovereignty. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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