Let Go Of Expectations, Attachment and Judgement

Let Go Of Expectations, Attachment and Judgement

Are you having expectations, attachments or making judgements around something which is going on right now in your life?

When we have an expectation or attachment of something, there is a judgement to it and we are no longer in the flow state and we begin to struggle and put effort into the "now" moment.

Previously we were in a timeline which was really slow, so we had a lot of time to do things, to clear trauma and change our patterns of behaviour.

Now we are in a higher timeline where everything is going much faster. Now the "now" moments are just clicking and everything is going fast.

Because we are now living in a time of higher frequency space continuum, it is going to take time for us to get used to and adjust to that frequency of the higher timeline. Remember we are now holding higher states of consciousness than we have ever held before.

So there is nothing wrong with what is appearing in the "now" moment. Whether it is irritability, sadness, anxiety or rage or not. There is nothing wrong which is appearing right now. Because everything that is in your "now" moment is an opportunity to anchor into that higher timeline.

All of us came out of the 21/12/2020 portal anchored into that higher timeline. So if you had an expectation and attachment of how you wanted the new portal would be; if you came out of it not with the same feeling you expected; or had attachments, you are going to suffer and struggle with anxiety of how it should be.

As we have entered into this higher state of consciousness, we don't have time to attach or expect anything. Because the present moment state is the only state there is. You can't create or expect in the future. The only state you can have is the "now" to create from.

No matter what is popping up in our "now" moment, we can release ourselves from the expectation of judgment. See it as an opportunity to anchor into the higher timeline which we have all entered into.

The way you take the opportunity, is to stop expecting or judging it. You stop asking why? Whether it is a consciousness, relationship, job, career, thought, belief or behaviour. It is still a state of consciousness.

Whatever is popping up right now in your life, It is saying to you - Do you want this in your life? Or do you want to release this? If you want to release this, then you choose, you honour it and let it co. Stop attaching, stop expecting and stop judging!

Don't think: Nothing has happened to me: I've done something wrong; or I haven't received the powerful higher frequencies of the portal of 12/21. You did! We all did!

It is a matter of recognizing, remembering and knowing that you did receive the power of the portal. Regardless of what is popping up. You remember and know it is an opportunity to choose to move into the higher states of consciousness over and over again. Your higher self and body is giving you a choice to release what you don't need anymore.

It is saying to you - Do you want this or do you want to release it and jump? As you are already there.

Because we are already in a higher state of consciousness timeline. Where expectations, attachments or judgements no longer serve us. So we have to learn how to be in the higher state of consciousness, flow with it and let go of them.

Pay attention to your expectations, attachments and judgements. Pay attention to what you say to yourself everyday.

From this new state of awareness, we are holding higher frequencies than we have ever held before. No matter what we are thinking, experiencing and being.

So from that state of awareness, how do you want to be when something pops up? Do you want to see it as a gift and opportunity or as playing the victim and say something is wrong with me?

There is no time! Let's go through 2021 with purpose, experience and create, as it will be so fast and so focused, that we won't have time for our attachments, expectations and judgements. So let them go now. Let yourself be and give yourself compassion and love.

Remember everything that is popping up is an opportunity to choose to be in the higher frequency of consciousness.

You dont fix it, change it, force it or push it. You simply sense it. You chose to have it or not and let it be !

Just like you, energy and consciousness is meant to just flow. So just flow with it.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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