Let Go Of The Baggage

Let Go Of The Baggage

Healing happens when you let go of your past hurts. How do you know what baggage it is that you need to let go of? What thoughts frequently come to mind? Any defeating thoughts or hurtful thoughts? or victimise thoughts? What is it that frequently comes to mouth? In other words the story you tell in your mind.

If you stop telling your old negative stories and instead focus on improved thoughts or even be willing to see that same story represented by your baggage differently like an attitudinal shift or change or willingness to see that multiple perspectives exist, that is when you can start healing your old scars.


What is done is done, you can't go back in time and change anything. (unless you possess extremely high technology to time travel). Letting go of the baggage is so exhilarating as it opens the space for new positive future occurrences, whilst being present at all times.

Present What you can do is live in the present and focus on your life now to make it better for now and the future. But learn the lesson of the past. Avoid repeating mistakes and emotions which glues you in your mind to past experiences.

When you are in the present, relaxed and focused then your frequency wavelength is at its optimum.


As I have said many times before, It is all about the frequency of our consciousness. When we are stuck in past issues we are at a low frequency wavelength, tension abounds, confusion and not being yourself.

Instead focus on those things that went right in the past and emotions attached to it and re-invent them or new circumstances, create your own future through manifestation techniques. In terms of the future, manifest and see it happening so the energy flows out of you for new beginnings and further increases your frequency wavelength of higher consciousness. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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