Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

2020 will be a year to remember for many years in the future. How I see it the year that the "light at the end of the tunnel" finally shine through.

We have been through a journey, more recently, where it felt that so many things in the world seemed to be going wrong and unjust. It was difficult to work out why the super rich were bad and in some cases evil nasty people, who made money in dodgy ways, and yet were in power over us.

From my experience there are very few good people at the higher levels, although people are conditioned to revere them. One's success up the ladder of society was based on your compliance, persuasion or simple life threats to comply and participate in the circus spider web.

If you wanted to join the billionaire party, then you had to surrender your soul to evil, mostly by coersion, only then wealth and power became yours. Yet at the behest and control of those of a higher station than you within the pyramid.

Is Life Bad? Is Everyone Bad?

It is very upsetting seeing all the bad people doing so well in life and eating the fruits of power and wealth. But the higher they go up towards the top of the pyramid, it is intrinsically corrupt and evil. Whilst everything underneath is controlled in a mist of false illusions. So the bad people will always thrive in that environment.

Evil was controlling the world, yet light workers wanted to bring light to the world and show the darkness, but we were not strong enough, as all the governments were controlled by a satanic matrix.

If Lightworkers made any attempt to expose or educate people as to how the world was actually run they were quashed, their methods of communication severely hampered and their lives made intolerable, and in some cases disappeared without a trace or even killed under highly suspicious circumstances.

By providing evidence or an alternative viewpoint counter to that of what the controlling forces matrix of power desired, through mainstream media and mind controlling tactics across the world, these Lightworkers would be branded "conspiracy theorists" and by doing so, many completely ignored.

The Darkness Was Everywhere

Whatever attempts lightworkers did to bring forth light it would be extinguished. I personally have been subjected to these tactics in many different ways, and have seen other benevolent lightworkers from all different backgrounds, cultures and gender, being subject to ridicule, gagging and in some cases, just disappeared off the face of the earth, without trace.

For me it was often devastating and felt like everything was being taken away from me, that I had worked for or towards and I was back to square one and having to rebuild myself all over again.

Our world and human populations are so vast, whilst the elite controllers have access to everything in terms of information on everyone, due to highly sophisticated surveillance instruments and methods, way beyond anyone's real understanding.

It was and still is very easy to manipulate the truth, gag it and expose Lightworkers' lives to total disruption, to the degree that they are considered a threat. So the higher the threat the more likely one would face higher sanctions, to the ultimate point of disappearance or death without trial. Yet another lightworker simply deleted from existence.

I personally have witnessed this through close acquaintances, and seen clear evidence of those very much in the limelight through media outlets, being destroyed career wise and in their personal lives.

Lightworkers Continue On

Despite all these smokescreens and barriers, Lightworkers wherever they come from, have soldiered on. They intrinsically and heart felt know they have a purpose to continue being a beacon of light and despite all, they face adversity, they soldier on. As they are Lightworker Warriors.

I Am A Lightworker Warrior

I guess I realised that as my life was to be a Lightworker Warrior, relatively early on. It was not always clear cut, it was not as though I was given the title, but I felt an inner drawing to the notion. As certain aspects turned my life upside down, and had time to reflect.

I remember starting to do my research, more disciplined and spiritual training in different ways. I was beginning to question the illusion which I was previously and currently living in, and find my own inner strength from within.

Very little made sense to me, from my childhood, through adolescence, young man and maturity. When it came to authority, which I encountered, whether it involved individuals, groups, businesses, health care or local government. Which I was involved in at different levels of influence, as from a user of the service, or pure low level worker to senior management, which in some of these fields I had achieved.

I have always fought against injustice in whatever way was within my means. Often to my detriment, but that is the way I am, come what may.

Somehow to date I have survived, notwithstanding the pain and suffering having had to endure. But, deep within me, I knew I was a Light Warrior and a beacon for truth, peace and love. So that has always been my driving force to carry on come what may.

I See A Shift Of Light Emerging

Even though I continue to experience my own journey, which can still be rocky, I see hope. The difference is I see major shifts in the world bubbling up around me. This gives me great hope for me personnally and the rest of the population's future.

I see an awakening, awareness and consciousness within individuals across varied populations across the world.

I see a major light force of tremendous influence and power, which is more powerful than the dark forces, emerging out of the mist and into the light. It is starting to connect with the human race as a whole, showing its face in various yet still clandestine ways.

I see the matrix of power collapsing rapidly, as their power base at the highest levels have been taken out, although very few are aware of it.

I see the underground bases where the dark powers have entrenched themselves ready for battle, being taken down systematically across the world.

I see victims of trafficking, sexual and satanic abuse, being released from their imprisonments, without anyone on the surface knowing of their existence.

I see the old institutions of power, within finance, military and religions being taken down, with the ring leaders being indicted and arrested for eventual exposure of their atrocities, their power and wealth being stripped from them.

I see the old financial systems tumbling, which were so corrupt, purely for the gain of cartels, corrupt governments, and large corporations, I see them being replaced by more equitable and secure systems, to ensure funds go to where its original destination is, instead of being syphoned off to finance the evil plans of the above groups. So the people will eventually benefit through major loan refunds, tax reductions and dramatically increased funds being made available to enhance health and social enterprises for the general populations everywhere.

I see greater equality between gender, races, creeds and a far more proportionate distribution of wealth, which has for so long been in the hands of 1% of the population as the elite controllers at the top of the pyramid. So the wealth will trickle down to the base of the pyramid of control, leaving the tip in disarray.

Again very few are aware of these major occurrences, as it has all happened in clandestine and smoke screens, whilst the world has been under influence of a supposed pandemic and confided to home, social distancing and not out working or socialising.

Effectively I sense a higher cosmic vibrational field of energy from outside crossing our solar system and Planet Earth, changing our consciousness, our DNA infrastructure, bringing positive change and clearing all the negativity we have experienced as a prison planet for eons.

The cosmic light is now spreading through the dark tunnels we have been living in. Soon we the Lightworker Warriors will be empowered with another task, that of rebuilding and reshaping our new evolved community of higher conscious human beings of light.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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