Light Workers Of The World Unite

Light Workers Of The World Unite

Now is the time, in inopportune conditions, where you need to perform at your finest. That time is now Light Workers of the world. We need to rise and shine our light the brightest, the will beats the skill. When all of our brothers and sisters are counting on us, now is the time to shine.The energies are harsh at the moment and we are all feeling this energy right now. All our journeys are different so the energy is going to affect us differently , but we are in the bottleneck of this time line. The only way out is to go through it and we go through it together.

Breaking From The Matrix

We live in a world which is an archon reality, a matrix with fake food, fake medicine, fake news and fake people. It is time to break away from this matrix once and for all, as Light Workers. During this time period the fake light workers will fail. Light workers come in many forms, yet you as a light worker will have the calling to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Now Is The Time

Now is the time to get the job done. Hope for tomorrow is a trap, now is the time!. It's been a harsh month in this time period and will continue to be bumpy. We all want for all people to have their hopes and dreams come true. We do things because we want to be a pioneer in assuring the matrix will fall. We are noticing the change in energies as Light Workers, which is the sign to serve to and help others through the event which we are experiencing. It affects people physically and mentally and many are suffering. We all have aspirations of abundance, creation, love, relationships. If these happen authentically it will happen when the matrix will collapse. It is time to act to defend them and for our children and our children's children's future. Children cannot defend themselves and many are aware of all the hardships they are going through, and not understanding the reasons why, so need to be aware of our children's mental health.

Many People Have Fallen

Many people have fallen through mental and physical pain over the recent events, some of which have taken their lives, because they could not deal with the pressures put upon us all. So remember we need to be there to pick them up and help them to go through this change, just as you would want someone with light to do for you. We are all in this together.

Will You Stand Up And Defend?

Will you stand up and defend those who cannot defend themselves? How will you transmute this energy from your core and use it to help others during this Planetary event? Where will you be when the history books are written? Where will you be when the Planetary Reset is in full swing? The power has been given to everyday life people. We are all different colours, creeds and cultures, but we are all human beings, experiencing this change together.

This time is not an ancient myth, it is now! So increase your magnetism and shine your beacon of light for others to go through this momentous time in the history of Planet Earth. We cannot control what is going on around us, but we can control within ourselves, this is our internal power to overcome all. Remember, Light Warriors, we are all a family, a 5D family. We must assist each other during these troubled times all round the world. Be aware soon the matrix will fall completely, as it is already crashing. Victory of the light is upon us and a new 5D existence is ours to go forward to. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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