Maintain Your Mind Body and Spirit

Maintain Your Mind Body and Spirit

During these troubled times, it is easy to be pushed off course from your daily routines, which generally provide you with purpose and balance. However major changes of circumstances and testing times can bring fear into your essence. It is for this reason it is paramount to maintain the balance of your mind, body and spirit, then to let them go into disarray and which will eventually culminate in a major repair of it at a later date due to illness.

Just as a vehicle you need to regularly maintain and run it to keep it in good shape so it serves its purpose to get you from A to B. Otherwise it becomes stagnant, rusty and unworkable.

You are in fact a vehicle, which is encompasses you outer aspect of your toroidal energy field encircling around your body. Encased within that is your vector equilibrium, merkaba, kundalini, chakras, DNA strands and much more. Imagine those as integral aspects of the essential inner workings of a vehicle which drive the conscious mind body and spirit.

Pandemic Lockdowns

Due to the current circumstances in late 2020, the whole world population is facing a second pandemic lock down, even more stringent than the previous one in many cases.

Everything is closing down and people are forced to stay at home, with less incentives and greater financial difficulties to maintain their lifestyles they have become accustomed to.

This puts tremendous pressure on everyone to maintain their sense of wellbeing, their mind body spirit health, as day by day goes passed, not knowing when it will end. Leading to ill health, anxiety and ultimately depression.

However to look upon this dire situation more positively, there is an opportunity for you to focus your time on your own mind body spirit wellbeing in order to maintain it. Whereas before the rush of daily life may have prevented you from doing so.



The other aspect is that nature itself has now the space to recuperate and flourish from the absence of human interference. The elemental kingdom of air, water, earth , fire and ether is readjusting itself without interference.

Whenever you can get out into nature as it flourishes during these times, sense and unite with that cleansing of mind, body and spirit by becoming more one with nature. It has much to give to you in terms of energy and health, than you may think. Whilst slowing you down away from the fractures and excesses of modern society lifestyles.

Spiritual Development Course

If you would like to learn more on how to maintain your mind, body and spirit and spiritual development in readiness for this period and ascension process we are all going through right now. Please visit our page Spiritual Development Course and book.

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