Managing Mental Health During The Global Reset

Managing Mental Health During The Global Reset

Mental health can be a struggle to manage as we go through the Global Reset. There are a lot of changes happening and our world will never be the same again.

We are all walking our unique journey during this Global Reset and no two people are alike and no two journeys are alike.

Experiencing The Global Reset

Please note the experiences you may be experiencing are the same as the collective of us all, are experiencing. We are all experiencing a unique journey, which may seem unfamiliar and not knowing our destination.

Many awakened people who know that the matrix is a lie are waiting for it to collapse. Some people feel that nothing is happening, because we, in our own minds. create a vision as to how the matrix will collapse.

We may feel that the matrix should have collapsed already and why are people still believing the illusion. It is happening, but it might not happen the way we expect it to happen.

We have been through so much and yet still people believe the false narrative, as they are still mind controlled by the media and the confusions of all the extraordinary events lately.

Sharing The Shift

Even if you have awakened one person, we are still shifting, so continue to share and every day we will shift, bit by bit, more and more.

It is still important to keep expanding consciousness. This is a collaborative effort. We should all be grateful to all who are doing the same. We are all at different stages.

So we may be influencing millions, thousands, hundreds or tens of people or maybe just one or two. But it keeps on growing. Everyone counts and that is how we will reach a critical mass, so the Global Reset keeps happening and slowly shifting.

Some things we are still viewing with the old matrix lens, things are not going to be the same, but we are becoming accustomed to the change of the Global Reset.

People may feel frustrated, as they come across the mind control and the AI drones that will attack them for sharing the truth. They want to share the truth and help people to wake up, but are actually being attacked. This is known as gas lighting.

It is important to ignore these people and AI of their threats. Always shine your light and as you continue to do so, always remember that freewill is the rule of the Universe, so not everyone will wake up. Everyone's path is different. You just shine your lighthouse, and the people who are supposed to wake up, will wake up. Those who continue to sleep, well it is their choice.

Losing Friends

You might be losing friends through this process, which is affecting your mental health. Yet it is important to understand with the advent of social distancing, you are connecting with a smaller circle in your everyday life. So you are going to, whatever the impact, shed people of a lower vibrational that do not serve your greatest purpose.

You are holding onto energetic ties to everything, including people. Yet by cutting off these ties, you will have extra room to meet new friends and new people that serve your greatest purpose and journey. So you have to understand it is ok to let go. You may have less friends but you will meet new ones.

All This Is Change For Our Mental Health

This change is normal, especially during the Global Reset. We want to live in authenticity. You may no longer want to live within the old matrix. as it no longer serves you. Your physical might feel this depression, so you feel deep rest when you are depressed. Know this is normal during all our passage through the Global Reset.

You cannot control everything around you, you can only change yourself. However you approach your journey, it is what resonates with you. So shine your light and authentically, then all will shift into place.

Seeing Through A New Lens

We are now having to look at things with a new lens so to speak. So you may have thought under the influence of the old lens you were accustomed to, that this period has been really bad.

Yet with the new lens you will eventually see that there was a need for change, and change can bring trauma to you, as you are reluctant to move forward and face whatever comes as part of that change. This is happening worldwide with everyone.

It's a bit like being stuck in a room with others, which is moving around and shaking everything up, in ways you may not understand, amongst a whole load of other people also experiencing the same dilemma.

Which combined creates a chaotic sense of paranoia, as each are stuck within their old views and concepts. Yet not seeing the real reason for the shaking. Which is to create a change of perception of fear into a sense of trust. "OK fine the room is moving and shaking around, because we need to resonate with the change and stay in balance till it ceases". Then when it ceases we see life in a completely new fashion.

Some may have been awakened for sometime, but it might be new for many to this awakening. So know that things are going to shift. You are going to start to connect naturally with people who resonate with you. So you will start to see things with clear vision. This is what this year is about in 2020 - clear vision.

In my journey I am seeing the beginning of 5D Earth, while others simply see through mainstream media they see the end of the world. What we consume is not only what we eat and drink, it is what we watch and listen to. So we are making these shifts and changes in our everyday life, helping us to improve our mental health.

Perception Becomes Reality

When you look at what is available in your life, you will want to have people in your life, relationships and jobs which better suit your greater purpose.

Because the subconscious programs of the matrix have collapsed, now you are able to experience what you want to consciously experience, instead of being on the round and round wheel of mind control matrix.

We are the collective so we need to reach a critical mass. It is not a sprint but a marathon, but we are getting there day by day.

So never fear light warriors and trust the process. We may want this change to happen overnight, but understand the matrix has been governing and controlling humans for thousands of years, and to end this control in such a short period of time is a miracle, and that is why the angels are here.

Miracles are happening and all you need to do is to see the change, energy is the cause of change, so detect the energy presence by noticing the change.

Focus On Your Mental Health

Focus your mind for your mental health, the physical things we can do, have people to talk to, but we can take care of ourselves. Get out into nature and ground yourself, take in alkaline water, food which resonates with you. Listen to Solfeggio frequencies, which are the core of universal frequencies. Our human bodies will resonate with these natural frequencies.

All you need right now, is one other person to talk to. Eventually one becomes two, then four, then eight, and eventually you will find yourself with a new collective group of lightwarrior friends with similar consciousness and understanding of what is really happening during the Global Reset.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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