Manifestation Mantras

Manifestation Mantras


I can do and be and have much more than I can ever imagine.

There are no limits to the abundance of the universe and to the benevolence of the creator.

I am a child of the universe, an aspect of the Source energy of all life, and I am here to live spectacularly, exuberantly, joyfully, abundantly and happily.

Bringing all of that which I AM to the party, showing up unashamedly, engaging with all life fully and doing all the things I love without any judgment of myself.

I commit to the visions for my life I am in the process of creating today. I know when I fully accept and receive the abundance of life this allows the circulation required for the law of reciprocity to be activated.

I joyfully accept I can always add to my vision in future as my life changes beyond its current status and this will be an infinite process of continual conscious creation and evolution.

I commit to taking each step courageously and bravely. I trust, absolutely, the path I am walking and I know I am held and supported by an intelligence much greater than my linear mind.

I will continue to keep surrendering to the unknown, even when I am afraid, knowing that there are always helpers that will show up along the way to support and guide me.

I am experiencing this now, in every moment. I know nothing is by chance and I can manifest people, circumstances and opportunities into my reality by being willing to approach this with the trust and humility of a beginner's mind.

The more I ‘think’ I know the less I really know. The more I allow an emergent knowing through me, the more of my visions I manifest effortlessly.

I hold Gratitude and Appreciation for the wonderful reflections I am seeing as I look in the mirror of my external world.

I know myself as blessed and loved unconditionally and always supported by this beautiful planet through all my challenges.

I live in synergy and synchronicity with all sentient life and experience Grace and Love in every breath.


Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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