Manifesting In The New Quantum Field Of Now

Manifesting In The New Quantum Field Of Now

Humanity is now existing in a new Quantum Field of Higher Consciousness. So how do we create who we want to be? The abundance, the relationships, lifestyles we want to have and be.

Understand we are all standing in this higher consciousness quantum field right now and will continue to do so. So work with it not against it. Previously we would manifest something and see it into the future now and take steps to get to it, such as vision boards. which still works to a degree. Yet now because we are individually and collectively in a higher state of consciousness, we can create differently. However, it is paramount that we start to remember and understand that we are in a new quantum field, so everything is actually in the now right now. So when you create something it is already done! It is in the now moment with you. So when created as consciousness is through intention and energy . So we create the intention and then you hold the energy of it so you understand the frequency of it. So it is a frequency that you are not yet holding in your body right now, but you will be holding the energy in another now moment. As soon as you speak out the intention now out loud and understand that it is a different frequency than you are holding right now. It forms and becomes in that now.

Merging Time Lines

Because we live in a time space continuum, based on our density, it takes multiple now moments to merge the version of you in a different time line and frequency and the version of you in this time now and frequency, which is merging timelines. The reason It doesn't instantaneously is because we live in time and space. There is a continuum of now moment, now moment. now moment to infinity.

The Key Of Intention

It is already ready now, it is complete. in the now in different time lines. So there are many versions of you that exist in your now moment on different time lines. You don't walk or force yourself into it or do yourself into it. Through intention and reality it becomes a reality in your now moment. So in the quantum field it is here and done.

Steps to Follow 1) Ask Yourself Who Are You Right Now In This Time Line

Ask yourself : Who are you right now? All aspects of you - work, relationships, home; health, leisure etc.

2) Who Is The New Person You Intend To Create?

Get clear on what are you creating? What are you intending? So you are creating a new you within your intention.

3) Visualise Holographically The New You In Your Now

See and feel this new version of you; above you; within you; or beside you. in your present moment. Just like a hologram of the new you with the abundance, relationship or job, or whatever you are intending. So you sense and see the new holographic intention of yourself as now, with you now, not in the future. Remember we are now existing in a holographic universe

4) Develop A Relationship With Your Holographic New Now

Sense and talk to your new holographic self in the now. Develop a personal relationship with the new holographic you. So you become more acquainted and vibrate in closer merging frequencies, as you become the new you.

5) Trust 100% In The Process

Trust 100% and know now it is so. Know it is done, and now, here and complete. So don't push for it or hope it is going to happen. No you intend it. You are energetically connected. It is done!

6) Standing In Time And Space Yet Merging Time Lines

Remember that you are standing in time and space and you are merging the now moment of you now and that of the now moment of each time line version of you now. It is the collapsing of the time lines, merging together.

7) Live In Your Now With Your New Reality

Live in your now with that new version of you until it becomes your new reality. It doesn't exist elsewhere it is with you now. So be in a relationship with your new version of yourself. Eventually you will vibrate the same frequency and merge the you now and the new you now.

8) Let Go Of How Time And Space Works

Remember it is not your job to analyse how time and space work and wonder when this new version will manifest . It is simply being and holding the new him or her, right here, right now, It is a surrendering rather than a doing; a trusting instead of a pushing; a knowingness instead of a doubting. We are multiple high dimensional beings in physicality and have the ability to manifest whatever we want, if we follow the laws of higher dimensional reality. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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