My God Given Sovereignty To Free Will Thinking

My God Given Sovereignty To Free Will Thinking

Most people I meet these days seem to have completely lost the capacity to think, investigate and make their own conscious decision for themselves.

What has happened to free will? and using one's own intelligence to decipher what is right from wrong?

If the mainstream media say whatever, however contradictory, without any substance of truth or knowledge on a given subject.

Then of course they must be right!

EXCUSE ME @!!!!!!@!!!@

Draconian Laws If your governments put out draconian laws, telling its people they have to comply or face life imprisonment - Without any substantiated reason or proof for why. It's like a trial with no jury, prosecutor or defense. A kangaroo court! That something out there, like the bogey man, will do you harm, if you do not comply with what we say! Which is now deemed illegal with no recourse,.no evidence and no counter argument. OMG They must be right !!!! Who am I to question it !!!!

History's Lessons Has history not taught us the lesson over and over again? The only path this leads to is the annihilation of humankind. If you want to die like a robotic sheep, who simply does what it's told like an ignorant child to the slaughter. Good luck to you!!

If I Die If I die, because I respect my God given sovereignty to free will thinking, investigative mind and free choice between right and wrong, good and evil. Then so be it! At least I will know in myself I stayed true to my principles. And I'm not a robotic sheep. And my children and my children's children, if they survive, will remember me as someone who stood up for what he believed in. I die with my head held high and with righteousness. I'll make peace with God, my Maker and know where my spirit is going back to. Love and Light

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